Thursday, April 25, 2019

Everything's alright.

A wet and windy night. Tempestuous in the literal sense of the word. Amid the howling Sophie has opted to sleep behind an arm chair in the hallway. A great position when it's stormy. This morning she gives me  her '' is it alright ? ' look before we head out.

No hesitancy once she's out and underway. The hunt for badger poo can put a spring in a girls step.

At the supermarket we discover it's almost Ramadan. The cheerful Algerian family in front of me buy six packs of dates. Then they send their children back to pick up another six. There are only four left. The cashier phones the stock room to see if they have any. They don't. A lengthy discussion ensues as to whether ten packs are enough. Angus moves to another check out line. When he pays and goes the discussion over dates is still ongoing.

Angus picks up strawberries ...

 ... and green asparagus.

The PONs join me for a coffee at the trendy American burger cafe. This week they're doing a Spring Break burger. Angus wonders how many Spring Breakers would go for a burger with Coppa, asparagus, and fried egg.

I hope no one was in it at the time :

Thursday morning musing on the need for absolute clarity in PowerPoint  presentations:


  1. Sophie is indeed looking sprightly this morning.
    Surprising perhaps that the Algerians are feeling cheerful at the prospect of Ramadan. (At work, we are subtly encouraged to recognise that our Muslim colleagues might be grumpy, especially towards the end of the day, if observing the dawn to dusk fast).
    I hope the 'Font' is not planning any dishes involving dates in the next few days.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Ramadan starts on the 4th May; dates? who knew?

  3. Nearing retirement myself and delighted I soon will never have to endure yet another PowerPoint presentation. How I envy your choices in strawberries and asparagus. This time of years ours arrive from California and the 3,000 mile journey makes them taste like cardboard...expensive sadness.

  4. So often whenever I switch checkout lanes in order to speed up my departure, I end up in a worse mess and watch people in the original line wheeling their carts out of the store while I'm still standing there.

  5. Slices of Coppa - heavens - that was the name of my boy, my second, much missed Labrador ! As far as I know we don't have badgers around here, so will my girl Inca ever have a spring in her step?

  6. The burger makes me feel quite queasy at the thought of it. The strawberries and asparagus however do look tempting.