Saturday, May 2, 2020

A glowing PONette

The clouds have returned along with howling winds. Sophie is harnessed up but is in no rush to go outside. Being a seven year old lady brings with it a certain reserve when it comes to dealing with banshee winds.

She follows Angus into the office while he puts on his shoes. The first of the morning light brushes the hair on the top of her head. This makes me laugh. A glowing PONette.

Yesterday dog and owner discussed Gretchen Whitmer. Later that day a group of armed protesters burst into the Michigan parliament building. The protesters seemed to be packing what folks with street cred might call 'a lot of heat'. Angus wonders if this raises the governors profile. Sophie thinks it does. The female PON heads off for some badger poo in the flower beds but pauses long enough to let it be known that she considers Michigan to be a must win state.

Sophie's home administered hair cut doesn't look too bad. 'The Font' thinks the shears may have to be used on Angus who is now sporting a Tin Tin on acid quiff. Celtic hair is an affliction. Angus thinks having 'The Font' use the dog shears on his hair might be the end of 45 deliriously happy years. ' How bad could it be ?' asks 'The Font ' in a tone of voice that hints at innocence but with an undertone of retribution.

This is one of those French things that you think is for children but is v adult and supposedly all about hidden torment. As I said v French. It's beautifully crafted :

Savaged by fun ? :

And these two again :


  1. I love the picture of the glowing PONette, Sophie Looks like a princess out of a fairy tale (although I think princesses dont eat badger poo). Angus dont let end your happy years because of a haircut. Luzia from Basel

  2. Hari OM
    ...of course, if Angus takes the shears to himself (as my brother very successfully did this week) then all those 45 years will remain untouched...

    Off to watch Raymonde now. YAM xx

    1. Yamini's idea of cutting your own hair sounds best for your relationship, however if you want an insight into The Font's thinking watch this Youtube compilation of quarantine haircuts together. Observe if The Font smiles, laughs or is horrified by styles shown and then offer to cut The Font's hair first!

  3. If only Sophie could take a photo of Angus, sitting there, Tin Tin quiff glowing in the sunlight...

  4. The short film was heart-breaking. Good thing puppies follow. The film is certainly not for kids and reminds me of the whole French/Belgian comic culture for adults. When I first moved to Brussels, my French tutor used Astérix books to teach me. They are anything but for children! Full of double-entendres. It was a great way to learn idioms. Anyway, the film reminded me of a book, which I think I recommended to you before, written by Marina Rozenman: Le Coeur n'a pas de rides. Inspired by her grandmother, who found love late in life, she collects true stories of other love stories at advanced age.
    Good interview with Gretchen Whitmer: https://croo

  5. Thank you yet again for finding these delights - we did the "wife cutting husband's hair" thing - not a success! He has (I think) forgiven me.