Sunday, May 31, 2020

The dose of awesome we needed to carry us into the weekend.

No matter what the weather all PONs treat each day as a gift of inestimable wonder and delight.  Female PONs start their daily routine by fixing you with their eyes and wondering why it's taking so long to go out.

Impatience to get things going is partially hidden while Angus waters the pots by the pool.

Then we're off across the fields towards the next village. Not a soul to be seen. It's a holiday here on Monday and it would seem that many folk have opted to head off early to the coast. 

If there's one thing Angus would like to take back to Scotland it's this bronze statue of a goose. Something about the way the finish catches the light. Sadly, it belongs to the chateau. Sophie is more interested in the remains of a picnic someone has left on the grass in the car park.

A sign of the times :

$300k -$500k estimate on this old newspaper :

This article contains the line ' The dose of awesome we needed to carry us into the weekend '. American English is truly a wonderful thing. A dance off between US and South Kotrean marines could be described in many ways but 'awesome' is not one that springs readily to mind.


  1. Glad to see that the hibiscus seems to be flourishing next to the pool. I've been watching/reading the news all morning, and your post, which appears early afternoon Tokyo time, is a healthy change. I was living in LA at the time of the 1991 riots following the police attack on Rodney King, and it is very discouraging that we still haven't managed to figure this out. I do think that Keisha Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, merits serious consideration as a vice presidential candidate. In the meantime, your post of the dance-off reminds me that maybe it's time to watch Gangnam Style again.

  2. A dose of awesome....describes that glorious day you're having....

  3. Yes that goose is magnificent, although Bertie too would prioritise the picnic leftovers!

  4. Thanks for showing us your beautiful weather. It is cooling down here and not swimming weather. The flowers by the pool are lovely.

    Good on the Amish. It is shocking to watch the news at the moment.

    1. Hari OM
      Poppy - not Amish... they are Church of God... Yxx

  5. Hari Om
    I can understand the appeal of the goose... and, indeed, the chateau! YAM xx

  6. The goose would make an excellent addition to most gardens, and the hibiscus is, indeed, looking extremely glossy - long may it flourish.
    It goes without saying that the star of the show is always a welcome addition anywhere!

  7. Funny thing..........we live halfway around the world on the Westcoast of Canada.........and yet: my potted Azalea, in the exact same colour,
    is in the exact same state..........on the last leg. It teased us, then finally bloomed into a blazing riot of that intense colour - and now, has dried
    and withered and dropped the blossoms. Mine was a house gift one Easter Sunday over twenty-five years ago. It is now in a 1 metre tall enormous terra cotta pot, and stands as tall as up to my chin. With no tending whatsoever. It waits all year long, through snow and intense rains, just to show off one time a year. But oh what a show! Regards to ANGUS and SOPHIE and the FONT.