Thursday, May 7, 2020

Life affirming sound

5:45 am. The moon gently sliding towards the horizon. On the far side of the valley a tractors headlights light up the tree line. Dog owners and farmers early risers.Buzzards, swallows, owls and siskins all singing happily away this morning.  Not so much a dawn chorus as an explosion of sound.

Angus and Sophie discuss world affairs on our morning bakery run.  Sophie is of the opinion that if Kelly Loeffler can get $9m she should get a second curly croissant end. There's no arguing with that.

When we get back we find that the courier has dropped off a box of Italian olive oil. 3 days from order to delivery. What sort of delivery man drops things off before seven am ?

We bought four standard roses to go by the war memorial. They were planted in the spring of 2018 in time for the centenary celebrations . For the first two years they were  unhealthy looking things. We wondered if they'd survive.  This year they've burst into repeated bloom. The mayor is up early watering the dahlia border in front of the church. ' The roses look very good M'Ongoose. Do you think we need another two to go on either side of the steps ?'

Getting a horse out of quarantine in 1990's Moscow :


  1. The documents about the horse were phenomenal. And I agree that Sophie is infinitely more entitled to a curly croissant end than Kelly Loeffler is to, well, almost anything.

  2. That is an awesome photo of Miss Sophie. We sense the warmth in your pictures.

    Couriers here are 2x busier than Christmas with online shopping opening up.

  3. The roses are looking splendid, and the horse quarantine story an absolute classic. Thanks!
    Now off to google Kelly Loeffler...

  4. Sophie looks ready for that extra curly croissant end.
    The horse quarantine story reads like a sketch from a vintage comedy show! We must all be relieved that we've never had to transport horses via Moscow!

  5. The olive oil may have been early, but it was much quicker than the wine.