Monday, May 11, 2020

Next .

Torrential rain and 60 mph winds. The gutters overflow and water cascades onto the courtyard  gravel. The roofer was supposed to come in March to clear the gutters before the early summer rains. Needless to say he's been in lockdown and unreachable for the last two months. The cheerful rejoinder on his anwer phone ' Leave me a message and I'll be straight back to you'  presumably a hangover from an earlier pre-Covid age .

We meet the old mayor. He is shortly after joined outside the church by the new mayor. The rain has done something to the electrics of the church clock. It pealed out at six this morning much to the annoyance of the man with anger management issues who has been on the phone making his displeasure plain. The clocks current issue is a tendency to chime the hour every fifteen minutes.

How is it the moorhens know if I've got my i-Phone with me ? If I don't have it they cavort on the water lillys. If I do have it they make themselves invisible before I can get within 50 yards. This is one of those universal laws that defies explanation.

Sophie returns from our morning walk having absorbed an additional 2 kilos of weight in her, by now, soaking fur.

She is towelled dry and then sits at the side of my desk wondering what we're going to do next. PON's always want to know what 'we' are going to do next.


  1. Hari OM
    Don't fret, Sophie, Angus will think of something. Or the kitchen will get busy... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I'm wondering, is the old mayor doing any less work now that he is retired?

    1. We're in the official handover period. This may last some time.

  3. You've hit the nail on the head. Sheep dogs of all breeds spend their time wondering what 'we' are going to do next and sticking to you like glue with a fixed gaze. Hounds look at you, raise one eyebrow, then slump down for a power snooze until there is any obvious action, at which point they right there, with their houndy senses, nose in, helping. Terriers wriggle at you and then take themselves off to do mischief, mostly pestering the cat.

  4. Sophie certainly giving you the evil eye in that last photo. Hope the roses didn't sustain too much damage during the storm.

  5. I seem to be the Social Director here, too. Always, the 'what's next' look.

  6. Hailey also always wants to know what is next!

  7. Sophie must be missing her cafe visits. We are. Is it a relief to know that you can stay at home and not have to travel much Angus, or are you itching to head off to meet with more men in dark suits?