Sunday, May 17, 2020

No sign of that.

Angus and Sophie are up and about early. The 'twinges' have decided to make a reappearance at an inopportune time so there's no point in lying in bed. Sophie is not in the least put out by being walked along the lane while the sun is just stirring into life and the street lamps are still on.

Four hares, a solitary deer and three owls observe us walking across the village green. The deer and the hares decide to scamper away. The owls, irritated by these interlopers, sit in a line, on a branch and screech and wave the white undersides of their wings at us. Two farm dogs wander happily down the lane, see us, and sensibly retreat. 

Something about the wheat in the field across the lane that looks majestic in this early morning light. Angus and his fluffy  companion stand and stare as the sun turn the wheat yellow, then orange , then gold. Any passerby would think we were, in our respective ways,  both sixpence short of a shilling.

Down in the valley the sun has sauntered into the sky and the nocturnal inhabitants have gone.  Sophie heads off to the waterfall for a drink. The overnight rain has turned the stream into a fast flowing, gurgling, torrent.The female PON positions herself on the bank and drinks carefully. Mid-drink she turns to make sure I'm there. A little reassurance is always welcome when you're on slippery ground. Seven years into our journey together and we can communicate silently. That is the enduring joy of dog ownership.

My companion sprints off. Those metallic knees working like clockwork.  Every so often Angus is given the ' Do try to keep up !' look.

Chuckle 1 :

CFhuckle 2 :

The way we were :

We went here. The architecture was amazing.


  1. Hari OM
    Well, I am mildly envious of your golden morning; suffice to say I am sitting looking out at dreich. But it's a calm kind of dreich, so I shall forgive it... easy Sunday everyone. YAM xx

  2. Here in Piraeus the air is 'soft' and the sea so calm a solitary swimmer is dragging a big V across the bay. Thank you for your beautiful descriptions of your countryside in the best hours of the day.

  3. The light on the wheat field was well worth the early start, and the description of the wildlife cheered up the monochrome of the dreich morning here in Aberdeen. But I'm sorry that the twinges are still troublesome.
    As for the Andrew Cuomo video, so clever, and one can't help making comparisons, all in Cuomo's favour, with another prominent New Yorker's attitude to his daughters and dating...

  4. Your “The Way We Were” link was a real gut puncher! Live music in large venues seems so impossible, both for now and for the foreseeable future (even though where I live we are down to zero active cases). And there’s some loss of joy in life in that. The video was prefaced by an ad that saw handsome Jon Hamm talking about my Canadian small town, so that was something! Take care—I hope the twinges go away and you can sleep a little longer. I look forward to the day when your blog has pictures of cafe croissants again. It will be a sign things are again right with the world.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that the twinges have returned. Chuckle 1 was a big hit with my 17-year old daughter, and I think my husband considers himself to be duly warned.

  6. Wow Angus! You sure put the E (maybe both Es) in Esoteric with your Viva La Vida link! Encore!