Saturday, May 23, 2020

Cool grass.

A  C-A-T has taken to sleeping on the wood pile in the barn. Another C-A-T sleeps on the cool grass under the oak tree by the far gate. Sophie hurtles out of the front door to deal with these 'interlopers'.  5:50 am and our day gets off to a noisy and active start. It goes without saying that neither C-A-T is in any danger of being cornered by the family diva. The PON full throated hunting technique gives her prey ample warning of impending doom. 

This morning we're off to the garden centre. It's a rule of life that you always need to go back to the garden centre to get the 'right' number of geraniums.

Angus picks up some bright yellow hibiscus. They were by the cash desk and looked 'cheery'. Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse 'The Font' is less sure.

In the New York Review of Books three pages on an exhibition on George IV at the Queens Gallery in London. An unpopular king with a taste for food bordering on gluttony. Seems the attendance numbers at the exhibition suffered due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  The London Times writing of Georges death in 1830 described him as ' a bad son, a bad husband, a bad father, a bad subject, a bad monarch, and a bad friend'.  In good contrarian style the NYRB says he was the last British sovereign to possess genuinely good taste in painting, architecture, music and literature. It goes on to say with a hint of republicanism that ' the British monarchy has been distinguished by philistinism' ever since. The review also informs its readers that the Duke of Windsor in his French exile with Mrs. Simpson always used to wear a kilt for dinner . I've never heard of this before and wonder if it can be true. Getting dressed in a kilt is quite a time consuming process and not something one would wish to do every night. In a no longer used bedroom that used to belong to Cost Centre 3 I come across an old Gilray cartoon of the king. He was indeed a larger than life character.


Lisa in Tokyo said...

I'm with you on the yellow hibiscus. I love them, but my husband says they attract bugs. I was also happy to see the hibiscus. They are the one point of color in Tokyo's long gloomy rainy season. Also good to see Sophie's mop today. We are trying to adjust to the fact that our own PONette now looks like a cross between a schnauzer and a drowned rat. I was so shocked I left my wallet on the counter at the groomer's. It will grow back, but not fast enough!

Tigger said...

The wallet will grow back? We all need one of those. Full sympathy on the horrible haircut - there have been a few going around during lockdown. And as for the Hibiscus, we're with your husband; the aphids are legion. The flowers are special though (almost glow like they have some inner light source), and have a very long season. So, how much do you like spraying things?

Angus said...

Our heartfelt sympathies. In Italy the groomer in Perugia always used to trim the PONs a if they were schnauzers . The good news was that the PONs seemed oblivious to their peculiar appearance.

The Life of Riley said...

When my first golden retriever was groomed I found out it was the groomer's first week. She closely shaved all but his face and tail (close enough I could see the skin on his legs and body). My first reaction was to cry, second reaction a huge glass of wine, but my old dog who found summer heat hard got a new lease of life and was happy and running around in the warm weather, so guessing your dog will be OK with their grooming before you are.

Taste of France said...

I've been watching "The Crown." (Late, I know. No Netflix until the pandemic.) I am surprised I like it. I really don't get the concept of royalty, or any kind of inherited privilege (like someone who, say, inherits his father's business). But what great storytelling! The queen does come off as lacking intellectual heft, though she is presented as making some shrewd choices. The whole lot seem vapid, at least per the series. Philistines might be going too far, though.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie says C-A-T-S are an outrage. End of.
Gail is pleased to report that Bertie is at least looking quite dapper just now. Lockdown has allowed me to approach his stripping and clipping routine with time and patience. This, combined with ten years of practice, means that, unlike his owner with her increasingly limp and straggly locks, he can walk down the street with his head held high at the moment!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I LOVE THE YELLOW HISBISCUS!!! Sorry, the vibrancy got the excitement running... YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Yes, I love the yellow Hibiscus too, and will look out for one when I go to the Garden Centre next time.
Perhaps it's as well that Sophie doesn't have to contend with the C-A-T-S that Inca has to. They are an impudent lot around here, and one even had the temerity to walk along the terrace recently, and gaze at us through the window! How cheeky is that?
Fortunately, as a Lab, Inca doesn't need trimming - just a groom and the occasional bath will see her set up for a while.