Thursday, May 28, 2020

The crooner look.

A very fine ' Bonjour ' from Sophie who has chased the C-A-T from the woodpile and pursued two audacious collar doves who had been walking across the lawn as if they owned it. Her satisfaction  is plain for all to see.

She is informed that she will not be joining me on a trip to the Volvo garage. She is less happy about this.

She does however get a full hours walk down to the Holy Well and back. The sun on our return fast heating the air. Soon we shall have to be out on our way before six.

'The Font' is of the opinion that Angus should wear brighter clothing. It is suggested that he have one or two of these in his wardrobe. Angus is rendered speechless. He isn't quite ready to adopt the dress for Happy Hour in Palm Desert  look. Thankfully, the suggestion can be brushed off.  It seems Hawaiian shirts - or at least shirts with a Hawaiiany feel - have a darker meaning :


  1. I like the Font's choice. To complete the pensioner on a cruise look, you need white or khaki pants and white loafers.
    The Hawaiian shirt thing is crazy. How do you find this stuff? I always learn the most unexpected things here.

  2. It's Hawaiian shirt weather here in NE Scotland this morning.

  3. Sophie looks exceptionally well groomed in that first photo.
    Angus, if 'The Font' wishes you to brighten up your wardrobe, perhaps you should watch "Great Asian Railway Journeys" and consider Michael Portillo's fashion "statements", before you buy your Hawaiian shirt. Now, there is a man who wouldn't get lost in the crowd!

  4. I agree with the Font and like the Orvis Hawaiian shirt. Just don't carry an AK-47 to accessorize. Those protesters are jerks. A relatively small minority who continue to make Americans look like maniacal gun toting nuts to the rest of the world. I swear, most of us are law abiding, pay our taxes and stay away from such conflict.

    Miss Sophie has such a lovely toothy the wee gap.

  5. Hari OM
    I go with Coppa's suggestion of your considering the Portillo position on colour and wardrobe! Meanwhile, the noise levels in the neighbourhood here have risen by an order of ten. The 'little loosening' of the lockdown by Nicola has been a signal for "let's get going peeps!!!"... YAM xx

  6. Watch for more boogaloo as the election approaches. I seem to recall your enjoying wearing Hawaiin shirts when you were in Italy.

  7. Sophie does look both adorable and presentable! We are big Orvis fans, but somehow I had no idea Orvis was international aside from their schools and trips. How about their Signature Madras Short-Sleeved Shirt In Fern or Navy-Multi or Natural? The Angus I picture has a more classic wardrobe. (No disrespect to 'The Font' -- Great fans of the Font too!)

  8. I was unaware of the darker meaning of Hawaiian shirts until I read your post, but if you're not keen to brighten up your wardrobe perhaps "The Font" could be persuaded to wear a Hawaiian shirt with Sophie wearing one too (to brighten up her classic monochrome coat) while "The Font" takes Sophie for walks around your village. I can only imagine the comments their new fashion style would get from your regular cast of locals! The American Kennel Club has recommendations for both human and dog shirts