Friday, May 8, 2020

Playing dead.

A hearty morning greeting from Sophie who has accompanied her master across country to the Holy Well. The farmer has cut the grass along the path so our progress was easy and , by the measure of PON owners, fast. A pair of ground hopping finches attracted a stentorian glare from Sophie but apart from that our journey was uneventful.

It is the May 8th holiday. The mayor has borrowed the step ladders to put up the flags on the war memorial. I reassure him that they've been hung out straight. He treads in the pot of anemones as he clambers down. The village which has been quiet during lockdown is now in a place  beyond quiet.  An eerie lockdown deserted silence. Where can all the inhabitants be ? What can they be doing ? What happens to people in a French village is one of those universal mysteries.

Time for Sophie to have  a grooming. I tell her she's looking wild and wooly. She tries to give me a full on lick so she's presumably taken this as a compliment.

The sight of the brush and comb makes her turn on her back and play dead. Why make grooming any easier ?

After an eternity of cajoling, ear scrunches and tummy tickles interspersed with the distribution of 'cookie portions' Sophie emerges fully groomed . A cynic might wonder if the investment of so much time and effort has actually generated any change in her appearance.

3 minutes of fun :

3 more minutes of fun :


  1. We are well-acquainted with the playing dead ploy, but with Cherry that's as far as we get - grooming is forbidden, and she is very adamant about this. At this point, she is a matted mess, as she hasn't been groomed since before the first of her two operations. We've made an appointment for two weeks from now (who would guess the dog groomers are fully-booked) and we're just going to have her clipped from head to toe, only the second time we've ever done this.

    I loved the Ode to Joy compilation - in the last two weeks of January, we saw both La Boheme and the Philharmonia Orchestra, it seems like such a long time ago, but some of the musical collaborations people have put together since are equally wonderful in a different way. It's the musical collaborations and the various zoo videos that keep me going - I found this on George Conway's twitter feed this morning:

  2. If the cookies kept coming, the grooming session was probably worthwhile in Sophie's book.

  3. Hari OM
    heartlifting images of a quiet village, a rotating PON and links of joy. What more could a gal need on a Friday arvo? YAM xx

  4. And I thought the scotties' constant sitting was a!