Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fields of flax

Angus is up early talking to men in dark suits . Hong Kong, the frugal four and Israels  relationship with China our cheerful morning topics. A slightly quizzical ' good morning ' from Sophie who , while I've been talking, has drunk from the water barrel , chased the C-A-T that sleeps on the wood pile and  managed to get grass seeds caught in the fur on her ears. Quite a list of achievements considering its only just gone six.

At this time of the morning no one in the village is stirring ..

... but the Moorhen family are out and about on the water lily leaves. Angus just manages to catch a snap of a blurry fast moving mother shepherding her little ones into the safety of the shrubs by the pond. Mother moorhen seems surprised that anyone would be up and about before the frogs start croaking.

The flax fields on either side of the lane coming into flower. Although not as 'electric 'as the sunflowers the flax fields have a calm beauty. Another three or four days and they'll be in full flower.

Today a return trip to the Volvo garage for the repairs that required a part ' to be ordered '.  


  1. For such a busy girl, Sophie looks rather immaculate today. When I opened the blog today, I still had the page from May 21 (Refreshing) open, and the difference in the top photos when I clicked over to today was quite amazing. The flax fields are beautiful - it had never occurred to me that flax plants bloom.

  2. The south of France was famous centuries ago for its linen and for the pastel blue of woad, more centered east of Toulouse in the Lauragais. The balls of pastel are called cocagne, and the region is known as le pays de cocagne, which translates to the land of milk and honey. Surely you agree. The color comes from the leaves; the flowers are yellow.

  3. What a lovely day for you all. I love the picture of Sophie and the flax flowers. It is getting chilly here, and curtains are drawn and heaters are on. Leek and potato soup for dinner and toast - winter food.

    Well it looks like Hong Kong is lost. The world has changed this year hasn't it?

  4. The flax fields are quietly lovely. But I'm afraid I can't make out the moorhen family.
    Bertie thinks that a female PON who has achieved so much before 6 am deserves both ends of a croissant.

  5. Sophie's beard is looking so well behaved these days, very PONish. That field of blue flax is lovely although just a red poppy or two among the blue would be a bonus.

  6. Hari OM
    To walk in such tranquility is surely a fine balance against the input of a mad, mad, mad world... YAM xx

  7. Could you please define "the frugal four"?

    1. They are four northern European countries who don'T want the EU to have them guarantee large bail outs for the Covid damaged EU states in the south - Greece, Italy and Spain. They are the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Sweden. They particularly object to France and Germany making all the decisions without consulting them. In the old days they could hide behind the troublesome British but they can't do that any longer.