Tuesday, May 19, 2020

That time again.

Dry and bright with a gentle breeze. A perfect morning for getting Sophie on the garden table for some protracted and much needed coat maintenance.

Within thirty second she's on her back and asleep.

Every other PON we've had viewed grooming as the canine equivalent of root canal treatment - without anaesthetic. Sophie loves it. 

Post grooming a sprightly Polish Lowland Sheepdog lady is taken into the valley for a well deserved walk. She returns to the house looking as if she's never been near a comb or brush in her life.

Down to Toulouse to have the Volvo serviced. They send me an e-mail video ahead of times with instructions. Wear a mask , bring your own pen, turn off the aircon and lower all the windows. At the garage I see one person, the man behind the desk, who gave me the ( disinfected ) keys to the courtesy car. The steering wheel and gear lever were covered in sterilized gauze.Even a month ago this procedure would have seemed bizarre : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ9Iq2mAcY0&t=14s

When travel starts again -

Would you prefer to stay here https://www.troutbeck.com/#

Or here  https://domainedesetangs.com/sejourner/

Or here ? ; https://hotelendsleigh.com/home/

Can't work out if this is a joke : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7s-N2DdE48&feature=youtu.be


  1. Any of those hotels would do nicely thank you.
    In this household we find that grooming after walks is the best way round!

  2. Hari OM
    Hmmm, I'm more a rent a cottage kinda gal - but Endsleigh has a lot of charm! YAM xx

  3. Oh I was going to say the Chateau, but Endsleigh might have to be it. I only wish I could afford to stay somewhere like that.

  4. Sophie correctly understands the importance of grooming for a diva. I love the photo of her sacked out. Oh, to be so free.
    As for hotels, I like the middle one best, and then the third, but after Covid, all I want is to be in a big city surrounded by people. Enough of isolation.

  5. Of the three, the Chateau would be my first choice, then the Endsleigh, though a Gîte would be preferable. I'm being practical, as I'm not likely to be able to fly to the States or the UK anytime soon, but I could drive to the Chateau.
    I've recently heard from my local garage, and it would seem that they have installed the same system as Volvo. Suddenly everyone has become very health conscious, thank goodness.