Monday, February 8, 2021

Interesting psychology.

For humans another week in lockdown. For Sophie another week for getting up at six and heading off for a long walk across the fields in search of  adventure. 

Life has not been entirely devoid of excitement. Eight walkers came into the village yesterday. They sat and had a lengthy pre-walk lunch at the picnic table at the side of the village hall. The table seats six comfortably but is quite 'cosy' when occupied by eight. None of them wore masks - presumably because they felt eating outside made it safe. We find the psychology of mask wearing to be interesting.

This morning the hunters are up and about at first light. Fifty or so of them in the Salle des fetes kitchen having a briefing on this mornings plans. Through the plate glass windows Angus observes that  mask wearing is not a thing with the local hunting, shooting and fishing crowd. Not a mask to be seen. Angus also has the feeling that another, stricter, lockdown is coming to France.

A drink from the drainage ditch and a second drink from the stream. A log has somehow become stuck between the bank and the waterfall. The log is carefully examined but then dismissed as having no 'snackable' value. The mud on the riverbank is covered in boar, deer and badger paw prints. These are also carefully examined. Our morning progress is conducted at a glacial 'sniff every flower' pace.

Perhaps the family diva will have better luck on her quest for excitement during  her post-breakfast walk down to the river ?


Kinda interesting :

Before Columbus:

The Sound of Music in Persian :

Plate tectonics :


  1. All great links today, but the plate tectonics map has really got into my head. Japan is not going to like being smooshed next to Korea and China, but then again, how are the Nigerians going to get along with the Newfoundlanders?

    1. Just fine. Newfies are very sociable and enjoy a good chin wag

  2. Two links to MapPorn this morning. What a treat!

  3. Your photo of Sophie departing the stream, when viewed in 'soft' focus has a really distinct spot light effect in that green opening on the far side of the stream.

  4. We haven't set foot outdoors yet, but so far your day looks much better than ours. It looks as though rain is on the way.
    Interesting map in 250 million years time - all very cosy, but I doubt any of us should worry too much!

  5. Is hunting allowed on weekdays, besides Wednesdays? I thought the farmers were to be left in peace Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday.
    Heard about a cluster in my old village. An 86-year-old who forgot her mask caught it at Mass (though it sounds like the spreader must have also "forgotten" to mask up), then gave it to all but one of her kids, who spread it to their kids, etc. Several ended up in the hospital.
    Did you see the golden snow in the Pyrénées, colored by sand floating in from the Sahara?

    1. The law is something our local hunters are above. As for the Sahara sand the cars were covered in it.