Saturday, February 20, 2021

An arrangement that wouldn't work.

Another action packed start to the day. Angus and Sophie discuss Senator Cruz and his trip to Cancun. The thing that Angus can't get his head round is that the Senator was wait listed in First Class and his wife wasn't. She was presumably always relegated to coach. Angus isn't sure that's an arrangement that would work around here. It certainly wouldn't make for a calm holiday atmosphere. Sophie, for once, agrees.

Back home after our walk Sophie takes up her position at the front door. Nothing will pass her by unchallenged. This position is also designed to allow warm air out and cold air in. When you have a three inch thick double coat cold air is not an issue. It is however a problem for the other inhabitants of The Rickety Old Farmhouse.

A chat with men in dark suits about yesterdays G7 speech by Joe Biden calling for  an alliance of democracies to call out  China and Russia on human rights abuses. Merkel was in her usual wait-and-see mode and said nothing. Boris Johnson  embraced the new agenda -  the Anglo Saxon world tends to have the same view of the world as the Americans. Macron by contrast was Delphic : "I listened very carefully to president Biden and the common challenges. We do have common challenges: In Africa, in the Middle East." Problem - these are areas the American President  didn't talk about- he talked about China, Russia, and cooperation "rooted in democratic values". Seems the Europeans aren't singing from the same hymn sheet as the US. Sophie snores lightly through all of this. She's still coming to terms with the Cruz families travel arrangements.

Eco dog toys. Desmond the Duck is a favourite :

A Norwegian furniture maker selling on Instagram. Tables with space for a plant :

Fleurs de Cerisiers vases. How do they make them ?  :


  1. Thanks for the link to Lalique. No idea how their current vases are made, but you reminded me I have a Lalique Rampillion vase, bought by my late grandmother, gathering dust in the back of a cupboard. I need to do something with it one day!

  2. Seeing the second "windswept" photo of Sophie this morning, I thought for a moment that you'd inherited an Old English sheepdog!
    You have given me two new videos to add to my Favourites collection - the Phillipp von Hase and the Eco toys. The latter with a view to finding something suitable for Inca to get her teeth into. I rather like the idea of the names too - saves me thinking one up for each new acquisition! The thought of Terry the Turnip made me laugh! If I order something I wonder if we'll have trouble receiving it now that the UK are no longer in the EU? I'm still waiting for a package posted in the UK last November.
    How they make the Lalique these days is something of a mystery to the casual eye, as they don't look as obviously hand blown as original ones were.

  3. I have always admired Lalique. I see that I can afford a pivoine votive at 140 USD; sadly, I think it falls into the ho-hum category. Unlike Ted Cruz, who, without question, falls into the selfish category—as well as a few others.

  4. Hari OM
    I think the answer to that last question is expensively - albeit exquisitely, if that be one's taste! I am intrigued with young Herr Von Hase's work... YAM xx

  5. To add to Ted Cruz's list of political faux pas is the fact that they left the family toy poodle to more or less fend for itself in the "freezing" (to quote Mrs. Cruz) house while escaping to Cancun. The senator's security detail were instructed to check on her periodically, but the press has taken the story and run with it.

    Looking forward to seeing the first leaves unfurl from the wisteria.