Sunday, May 23, 2021


So far this month the weather has been unseasonably cold and wet. This has been good for the strawberry lady who manages to pick and sell Gariguettes well beyond her usual season. This morning we buy four punnets. She thinks the growing season, and the cooler weather, will come to an end this week.

Sophie finds that the walk by the river is unusually busy. Early rising yachters and anglers making good use of the better weather. Not one of them has Jaffa Cakes !

On our way home we stop off to buy some ice cream to go with the strawberries. It's Italian fortnight at the frozen food store. We consider  some truffle coated Mozarella but think better of it.

Italian fortnight brings with it  fancy new ice cream flavours . Apple and walnut or gingerbread. These are too exotic for Angus's Presbyterian tastes. The lady at the till goes to find some vanilla from the store room. The frozen food store is a franchise run by an independent lady who set it up after her family flew the nest. To begin with the pandemic hit her bottom line but quite quickly the downturn in her revenues reversed and now she reckons are up 40% from where they were at this time in pre-pandemic 2019.

 New York is having an architectural renaissance :

Finally get round to reading this link :   and then out of the blue this lands in the inbox :   Our dentist in London installed UV lighting a year ago. At the time I thought it was a bit OTT but he should be congratulated on his prescience.


WFT Nobby said...

I associate UV lights with 1970s discos and rather doubt that they did much to reduce transmission of germs in those circumstances!
Bought some locally grown strawberries here in Scotland this week. Small and delicious.

Lisa in France said...

Sophie looks like she's enjoying the good weather, notwithstanding the shortage of Jaffa cakes. Based on the photos, I am not too sure about Little Island, but I am planning to withhold judgment until I can see it in person. I loved the High Line based on the photos, but thought it was boring when we visited, so maybe this would be the reverse.

Coppa's girl said...

Oh Sophie, we really feel for you - no Jaffa Cakes - what is the world coming to!
My computer expert has had a UV sterilisation wand for some time. When he's finished, he sprays the wand over my computer, desk, chair and then any door handles he may have touched. He wears special goggles to do this. When the wands first came on the market he was selling them, but it coincided with a downturn in infection numbers. I did consider buying one, but at over 100€, it seemed rather an expensive item, particularly as we were in lockdown and couldn't even mingle!

Camille said...

Fascinated by both the UV light and the Little Island articles. Thinking a wee jaunt to NYC may finally be in the cards for us this summer to visit a few old and new haunts. Not as certain I could get the husband on board to use a product that requires goggles. Ms. Sophie is looking as stunning as always, even sans Jaffa cakes.

Tigger's Mum said...

Cruise ships have been using UV water (and sewage) treatment plants for quite a few years. As for the lady in the frozen foods shop - good to read that someone has come out of this better off than they went in.

Peter and Shelagh said...

The island has a Gaudi feeling to it.