Thursday, May 6, 2021

Chicks !

Great news. Two tiny moorhen chicks are seen bobbing about happily on the village pond. As we approach their mother shoos them into the safety of the irises . From their size I'd guess they were two days old and this was their first outing. 

The pool men show up to start work on laying the stone round the pool. This is a surprise as the last thing we'd heard was that they were coming at the end of May.

The pump on the pools filtration system gave up the ghost three weeks ago. Angus arranged for a firm to come and fit the replacement. They were due next week but show up ( unannounced ) this morning to find the pool men hard at work laying stone. The chief pump replacement man is an unhappy individual. ' We can't get this done with these people faffing around' he says in a tone of voice that somehow conveys both irritation and a firm belief that I'm sixpence short of a shilling. They go. The pool house containing the pump is some distance away from the stone laying workmen so this reaction is a surprise.

Sophie is oblivious to this drama. All she knows is that there are workmen here and they haven't brought Jaffa cakes. 



Virginia said...

No Jaffa cakes, from either set of workmen, is a very serious state of affairs. I hope there was a refilling yoghurt pot to restore her faith in the world?

WFT Nobby said...

Great news indeed about the moorhens, and some progress at least on the pool! Here I'm shortly off to the polling booth (remembering to take my own pen) in what feels like an increasingly Canute-like effort to hold back the pro-independence tide... Bertie will be asked to pose for the obligatory 'dog outside the polling station' photo. Snow forecast.

Coppa's girl said...

We're delighted to hear about the moorhen chicks too, and hope that you will be able to photograph them.
You'll have to post a notice on your gate to the effect that all workmen entering your garden, it's obligatory that they bring Jaffa cakes. It's the only way to resolve the issue.

Lisa in France said...

It's really wonderful to read about the moorhen chicks. It was so discouraging when the German billionaire "cleaned up" the pond, but nature seems to be doing a pretty good job of reverting to the norm. Today was the end of the Golden Week holidays in Japan, and we have been relaxing by the ocean and trying to ignore the state of the world. No moorhens here, but I have been enjoying my way through Pamela Terry's mystery, thanks to the Font's recommendation. The protagonist and her brother have just arrived on the island of Eynhallow. It's been quite the geographical ride, from Maine to the deep South to the Orkneys, and it's been perfect for this holiday break. Charlie says "meh," but the yard is very good for Frisbee-chasing.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Thank goodness for the strength and determination of Nature. Same cannot be said for French workmen, apparently.

Just back from my visit to the poll booth. Only one in there (thank goodness for me) - but one wonders at the turnout... it's freezing here. YAM xx