Monday, May 17, 2021

The last remaining ....

The last remaining bell  in the little 12th century pilgrims chapel has got stuck in the 'up' position. This should, by the laws of gravity, be impossible. The old churches in this part of the world have bell walls with three openings for Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Father and Son were melted down during the occupation. Holy Ghost was hidden and survived. It is the gravity defying one.

The wet weather continues. This of course doesn't deter the family diva from wanting to go out and face the adventures that life may offer.

This morning, while 'The Font' slowly surfaces, dog and master head down the motorway to the drive thru bakery. Sophie does her usual ' I'm an orphan dog that's never been fed ' routine. She's discovered that this often results in our being given a second croissant. The ploy works. This morning is a second croissant day. Sophie scores todays offerings as 12/10. Angus thinks they have the texture of supermarket white and scores them 5.5/10.

To finish off our chic French morning escapade we do a lengthy tour of the car park. The two ducks that call the front of the electrical goods store their home are briefly, but inefficiently,  chased.

 A new and rather stylish store opening in London :

The restaurant has the sort of menu The Font loves .... and Angus doesn't :


  1. I have extreme doubts about the "Japanese-inspired breakfast" at the complex's cafe. An actual Japanese-style breakfast is a very well-defined concept - grilled fish, rice, pickled plum, miso soup, tea, maybe a hard-boiled egg if they are getting fancy. Can't say that I have ever come across a "double-baked macha croissant". The picture of the bell is amazing.

  2. The little chapel is so very attractive and how wonderful that it has sat there since the 1100's.
    Line 1 of the Pantechnicon menu, 'cured pork, tomato and birch sap' sets a certain tone!

  3. I LOVE that menu. Now on my list!

  4. Two croissants! Who cares if they taste just like supermarket white -it's the extra curly ends that count!
    Oh dear, I can't say I find the menu of the Pentechnicon appealing, it all seems rather pretentious to me, but then it's a few years since I've eaten anywhere in the UK, so tastes will have moved on. Do any restaurants in Scandinavia serve a similar menu?
    The little chapel looks so forlorn under the grey skies. I wonder why they have never replaced the two missing bells?

  5. Does Sophie benefit by the extra 'ends' or does she get the whole thing?

  6. Hari OM
    Such poignancy, the church and its Holy Ghost bell...

    And hey - any croissant after such a drought must surely rate a tad higher than midlevel!!!

    I'd be ordering the three side-dishes together and make do with that. Wonder how they will fare, given the state of things just now... YAM xx

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