Thursday, May 20, 2021


 A rather fine horse grazing in the field next to the churchyard. The old couple who owned the house off to the side have died. She was taken ill two weeks ago with a collapsed lung and was rushed to hospital. The operation was not successful. After that he just gave up all interest in life - a literal switching off. This morning the family are clearing the place out. An Emmaus van parked on the lane. That old French farmhouse furniture that used to be so fashionable in the 80's is now too large for small energy efficient homes and has, literally, to be given away. I discover from the van driver that the German billionaires have already  put an offer on the house and had it accepted. Quick work.

As we walk further round the lane we come to the pond and the moorhens. Two young ones scuttle across the water lily leaves while mother heads off  to the safety of the irises. The young ones seem to have doubled in size overnight and grown from tiny to small.

Cafes with outside terraces opened in France yesterday. The first major easing of Covid regulations.

Sophie is delighted to head off in search of the perfect curly croissant end.

This morning we're off to the bakers that makes the really, really good croissants. We find a table at the far end of their terrace. The municipal refuse collectors are at the other end taking their morning break. They interrupt their discussions long enough to say hello to Sophie. It's been a year since we were last here so well done them for remembering her name. After ten minutes it becomes clear that there is no table service. Angus goes inside to order. The owners wife, who is usually chatty, serves me in stony silence. A cynic might think she's not happy that her responsibilities have once again expanded.

The croissants are delicious. Light with a flaky crust. Sophie gives them a 25/10.  We'll score them a 9.5/10 , which is still pretty good.

Another new hotel opening :

Shopping for food Harvard style :

Shopping for food New York style - the custom cakes are jaw dropping :

On the radio this morning. V. French :


Lisa in France said...

That is a very fine horse, and easier to spot than the moorhens. I was finally able to see them in your photo from the other day, with the helpful guidance of your other posters, but today I have failed again. I was amazed to read it has been a year since Sophie has been able to greet the refuse collectors, as I would have guessed it had been only four months or so - it seems the pandemic is warping our sense of time along with everything else. I enjoyed today's hotel posting, although it seems a bit fancy under the rustic veneer - "personal steam pods"? We all received emails from BA this morning, warning us that our Avios will expire later this year, so I guess it is almost time to start thinking about traveling again. I get my first shot the day after tomorrow, so theoretically only five weeks or so to some semblance of freedom.

WFT Nobby said...

I'll take a 9.5/10 croissant over a fancy custom cake today please!

Tigger's Mum said...

Shame about a village home turning into an empty house or a holiday let. Such a pity that a village doesn't even get the chance to try and attract a young family who might devote themselves to village life, swell numbers at the school and contribute to the 'glue' that makes the village a community.

Coppa's girl said...

We agree with Bertie, the croissant looks so much more enticing than the custom cakes.
Oh dear, I can only agree with Tigger, and just hope that the German billionaire doesn't buy up every property that comes on the market. It's to be hoped that he hasn't got plans to turn your little part of paradise into his personal kingdom!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
As per Tigger and Coppa comments - Dunoon to a large extent has been damaged by a surplus of city-buyers lapping up cheap property and using as second homes or letting them out. Mind you, prices are on the rise as those same city dwellers start to appreciate living 'remotely' has health advantages... YAM xx