Monday, May 3, 2021


A hearty good morning from Sophie who is in fine fettle. She somehow senses that a trip to the drive thru bakers is on the cards.

Can a day be perfect? Sun, the gentlest of breezes, an azure sky and fluffy clouds. Today we stop to admire the chestnut blooms on the tree in front of the church. The tree is in peak condition and after the rain of recent days the blooms  are outstanding.

School starts again today after a pandemic extended Easter break. The school bus is five minutes late. The two tikes and their long suffering ( 'They are nothing to do with me' ) teenage sister clamber on board followed by the rest of the village children. The teenage girl stares at her mobile phone so she doesn't have to recognize her brothers existence.  It goes without saying the 'tikes' look miserable over this end to their freedom. I'm guessing the mother is celebrating with a start of day glass of champagne .... or gin.

Angus and Sophie wander down the hill, past the Roman fort and then cut back up to the village through the fields. More fields than usual lying fallow this year. Has Covid upset the farmers routines or is this  just standard crop rotation ? Most probably the lack of seasonal workers from Senegal and Bulgaria . Fallow fields mean wild flowers ... in abundance . This is just fine for dog walkers.

 How many cruises to Antarctica can there be ? And this is just one company :


WFT Nobby said...

So Sophie, Angus, the Tykes' mother and the wildflowers are all in fine fettle (if flowers can be said to have any kind of fettle). An excellent start to the week. You might be interested in Bertie's take on last week's 'Tour de Angus' today.
Cheers, Gail.

Angus said...

What a great journey. Bertie would have approved of the cuisine on offer in Brechin and Arbroath.

Lisa in France said...

The sky in that second photo is so beautiful it actually looks Photoshopped. Sometimes I wonder if you are imagining what the pandemic might have been like if it occurred before your cost centers left home? Our older cost center will be returning to Tokyo in a couple of weeks. In its infinite wisdom, the Japanese government is requiring that he provide the results of a PCR test taken within 72 hours before leaving the US, in original paper form signed by a doctor, before he will be allowed on the plane, notwithstanding that he is fully-vaccinated. (All of this during finals week, of course.) We are in quite a strange state here in Japan at the moment. I am accelerating my study of the Portuguese Golden Visa, as we cannot yet feel confident the US's current return to sanity will hold.

Angus said...

Pandemic lockdown with cost centres ? Nightmare. I'd be attached to a gin drip after breakfast.