Saturday, May 22, 2021

The interloper.

Saturday morning. Life in the real world emerging from lockdown. The radio in the office tells me that 55% of French are now, in part, vaccinated. Across Europe the number of flights has grown by 25% in the last three days. The commentator is hopeful that holiday makers are set to return. 

Out of the corner of my eye I see some movement by the window .

The village C-A-T-S are becoming ever more audacious. This one, perched  precariously on the window sill,  is intrigued by what I'm doing. It also appears to be fearless.

Sophie, has retired to the library for a peaceful nap. This is a surprise. Sophie can emit a universe shredding howl if a C-A-T so much as comes within a hundred metres of the house. For some reason the presence of this mornings feline intruder generates no response. Perhaps Sophie feels she can doze on because Angus is already up and about ? I turn the lights on and tell her what's happened but she just snores gently away. Excitement can wait until later.

Weather on Jupiter :

Who'd have thought it ? Medical science discovers something new :


WFT Nobby said...

Bertie is outraged by th audacious cat's behaviour.
Gail thinks it's a rather pretty cat.

Lisa in France said...

I agree with both Gail and Bertie! Perhaps Sophie just wasn't quite sure how to respond to such a brazen trespass and decided to pretend she hadn't noticed? Yesterday, when our son returned from the US, Charlie completely ignored him when he walked through the door. We were really perplexed. He hadn't seen my son since four months ago, when Charlie was just three months old, but even if he'd forgotten, Charlie never ignores anyone - everyone he encounters is either an old friend or a new friend. I can only conclude he was just trying to decide how to handle such an unfamiliar situation, as after about 30 seconds of awkwardness (my son's feelings were clearly hurt!), Charlie leaped into action and gave him a wildly enthusiastic welcome home. So maybe Sophie thought things over about the cat and made an executive decision to go back to sleep. I had my first shot today, and it was all handled with military precision by nice people in yellow t-shirts. I went from Window 1 to Window 6 on my journey and left with an appointment for June 12 and a can of fruit drink.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
... a potential new resident at TROF??? YAM xx

Angus said...

Sounds to me that Charlie is making it quite plain that enforced absences are not allowed !

Angus said...

The noise levels would go up - substantially !

Angus said...

I fear C-A-T-S and PONs are like oil and water.

Stephanie said...

This is a very bold C-A-T! Sophie is the very picture of unconcern. By the way, I especially like the picture of Sophie coming along the grassy ox track in yesterday’s post.