Monday, May 24, 2021

Early rising.

Lots to talk about to the men in dark suits . The hijacking of an EU airliner  on an internal EU flight is number one on the list.  Never a good thing when countries, or people, start disobeying the rules so blatantly. We are all in agreement that the EU will make noises but can do nothing about it.

Conversation over, dog and master head out along the lane. The young calves are unsure about Sophie. For that matter Sophie is unsure about the calves. Both go their separate ways in silence. The mothers aren't bothered - they stare , untroubled, at these weird and wonderful creatures walking past .

Just after six the builder shows up with a trailer full of sand, some bags of concrete and a cement mixer. He parks his Land Rover a whispers breadth away from the little Volvo. I would happily have moved the car if he'd let me know what his plans were. The builders schedule remains a mystery. Long periods of absence interspersed with brief moments of early morning  hyper activity. When I see him I shall ask why he's chosen to use the gate furthest away from the pool to make his deliveries.

Sophie and Angus head off to the drive thru bakers - we use the far gate to make our exit. Today the croissant is excellent. a 8.5/10. The variability of the bakers output  is truly amazing. I can only assume some bakers knead the dough and others don't. 

At this time in the morning the shopping centre car park is deserted. Dog and owner do a full twenty minute tour .

Sophie is greatly taken with the variety and frequency of the scents she passes en route.  The joys of urban chic - bollards, street lights and shop doorways. This eight year old country girl has a spring in her step. Life is wonderful !

 Who ever thought a chair could generate so much comment ? :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
The 'hijack/kidnap' coercion is a worrying turn-up to start the week... and that chair just makes one's toes turn up. YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

Your post sent me racing back to the newspapers to see what I had missed regarding the hijacking. I don't recall a time when the world felt so unstable. Maybe it is just me getting older, but I'm afraid not. The chair is quite fascinating - just thinking about who the targeted customer might be.

Coppa's girl said...

I have yet to peruse the online news today, so was not aware of the hijack.
We're just back from our morning walk around the neighbourhood. Yesterday was a complete wash out, so we may go down the beach for another walk later. No croissants today though!
My first though on seeing the black leather chair was that it just needed a Darth Vader style head on top and it could double for an evil master of the universe! Personally I find both designs equally hideous, but then I'm not likely to be in the market for one anyway!
Over the years we've learned that builders are a law unto themselves, and any hint that you might require a time scale will be met with disbelief and a tendency to prolong the agony! Just to get your own back, remind them to bring Jaffa cakes!

WFT Nobby said...

I'm curious to know if the swimming pool has been useable so far this year?
My Torridon neighbour Mairi went swimming in Loch Torridon this weekend - fully wetsuited of course. Bertie and I stayed on dry land.