Saturday, August 7, 2021


No prizes for guessing what causes a start of day 'rumpus' at The Rickety Old Farmhouse. While Sophie howls in rage a village C-A-T , which has been asleep on the roof of the dog car, wakes and stands looking at her. The howling level increases several notches. C-A-T looks like it would welcome a staring contest but instead clambers back onto the car roof and then leaps into a tree. Sophie finally subsides into a ' Can you believe the audacity of it ?' silence.

The young horses in the field by the crossroads are about to have their breakfast. After the 'issue' with the C-A-T Sophie is in no mood to deal with horses en masse. We pick up our pace and Angus is positioned , strategically, between the family diva and the horses. There is only so much drama a girl can cope with before seven in the morning.

The attractive young lady behind the bakery counter provides two croissants this morning. Sophie gets a bowl of cold water and an ear rub. We once again seem to be back in serving croissants in a paper bag mode . The little wicker baskets the croissants used to be served in  have been put aside due to the new Covid regulations. As of Sunday anyone going into the cafe will need to show their ' Certificat Covid Numerique'. We have this set up on our phones as well as having paper backup copies in each cars glovebox.

More activity at the chateau. A truck with Berlin registration plates appears towing behind it an ancient FIAT.  The chief mechanic tells me it's a 1938 model found in a garage in Poland thirty years ago and badly restored.  The paintwork will be  replaced, and the engine and gearbox rebuilt. It seems that the German billionaire is going to have a fleet of vintage vehicles for all the chateaus odd jobs and shopping trips.

 Just another morning in a small French village where nothing ever happens. 

'Isn't that odd?' thing I learnt today. Thukdam :


  1. Hari OM
    A very pretty cat indeed... c'mon Sophie, show some detente... the croissants look as if they might have brought forth a decent score. Have bookmarked the article - looks fascinating. YAM xx

  2. That looks a very sweet cat with such pretty markings.
    The feral Mama cat and her two kittens seem to have adopted us, and I'm now trying to stop Inca giving chase every time she sees them in her garden! It amuses me that they arrive at meal times and wait patiently at a distance until I put their food down in the outdoor kitchen. It's on the counter so that Inca can't reach it - something she sees as a cruel and heartless act towards a "I'se never been fed" Labrador - who is extremely well fed and slightly overweight! Occasionally the little kittens will come back to check that there aren't any snacks.

  3. What an elegantly dressed cat - as befits a French cat. Beautiful horses and Sophie, too.