Thursday, August 5, 2021

Planned activities.

The weather continues to be unseasonably cold and wet. Is this climate change or just an oddly inclement year ? This is not a question that would interest Sophie. Every day, wet, cold, hot or dry is the backdrop to great adventures. This morning we have to shelter under a tree amid a sudden and unexpected downpour. Sophie discovers a leaf from which the water drips in a steady, regular way . She positions herself so that the drips fall on her nose. She can wipe the drops away with a satisfying roll of her tongue. Drip, nose lick, drip, nose lick, drip...... This goes on for some time and would still be going on were it not for the fact she is 'encouraged' home. All PON girls know to take their excitement where they can find it. 

The flags still up on the war memorial. The rain and wind has plastered them across the stonework which gives them an air of studied informality. They have been up now for 25 days. Will they make it to 30 ?

Sophie follows me round the house. Not so much to enjoy my company but to indicate she is ever so slightly miffed that we don't have a day of activities planned. Angus is waiting for some wine to be delivered and is staying at home for the courier to show up.  ' Your  cartons will be delivered between 8.00 and 10.00 am '. It goes without saying that there is no sign of the delivery driver in the allotted time slot. There is a universal law . The more the shipper texts the less likely he is to show up.

While Angus unpacks and records the wine Sophie heads off with 'The Font ' to the departmental capital to go shopping for shoes. Angus thinks this is very 'brave'. Sophie has a  definite ' Isn't life fun ?' spring in her step. There may be shoe shop mayhem ahead.

 Saucy parrots :


  1. I also feel the Font is "very brave." When she was a young dog, Cherry was obsessed with shoes. In Japan, where people take their shoes off before entering the house, there is always an entryway where the shoes are dropped. That entryway was paradise for Cherry, and after she destroyed a shoe belonging to one of the kids' tutors, we finally had to buy a cabinet and lock them all away. We also had to cross the street when passing near the local shoe store. I enjoyed the story about the parrots, although I am skeptical their plan to separate them will work. More likely, they will just teach all the others. We have a Grey who is absolutely diabolical. I don't understand the Darwinian advantages of their ability to mimic almost any sound they find interesting, but it is remarkable. Most recently, Lucky has learned to do a perfect squeaky toy, which drives poor Charlie crazy.

  2. Gosh, I've never been taken shoe shopping with Gail. Lucky Sophie! What fun she'll have...
    Toodle pip!

  3. Not much call for doggy shoes usually, but with the weather you're having and the mud by the stream, perhaps a set of Wellington boots might be appropriate footwear for Sophie? Is that why she's gone shopping with 'The Font'?
    I wonder who originally taught the parrots to swear?

  4. Hari OM
    Perhaps leaving the flags in place will prevent having to make effort for the next 'event'... meanwhile, that ground meets cloud and constant dripping is happening to the Hutch, which, if it had a nose and tongue, might be emulating Sophie! YAM xx

  5. Sadly, unlike the town where we spent most of our adult lives (Sausalito, CA), dogs are not welcome at stores in SE USA. In Sausalito, I was chastised when I tied our cardigan welsh corgi outside the store. Bring him in! they all said——despite the fact that the tasty crackers were at his "shopping" level.