Monday, August 2, 2021

No let up.

No let up in the rain. This is turning into the wettest summer since we've been here. Sophie eyes up the grey skies and wonders whether to return to bed.

Our morning excitement is provided by two young deer who wander across the road in front of us. When I say young I'm talking of a week or so old at the most. One retreats back into the woodland, the other hides among the sunflowers. Sophie is intrigued but not sufficiently intrigued to give chase.

By now all the sunflower fields for miles around should be flowering. This year the overcast skies and rain mean that  more sheltered spots are still waiting to bloom. Sunflowers, en masse, in the rain can look a little 'dreech'.

We pass the little 13th century chapel. There's a solitary car there. The groundskeeper is up and about early weeding the cemetery. He stops and waves as we pass. 'The weeds are loving this weather'. 

Then it's time to head off to the cafe for our morning croissant. We wait a while until the queue thins out and then opt to share our breakfast in the car park. Sophie is quite ok with this. Afterwards she is rewarded with a ten minute tour of all the shopping centre lamp posts. By the time we get back The Old Farmer is up and about. He is unimpressed with the new television. I shall go over later today and label the remotes so he knows which one turns it on and which one boosts the volume. Today he will be working on the venerable Ford Transit motor home. 


  1. Sunflowers looking 'dreich'?? I'm wondering if Angus has forgotten what his homeland can look like on a dull damp day!
    Please can someone tell me why it's not possible to invent a modern TV that only needs one remote control?
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Sophie looks uncertain about the rating of her al fresco breakfast - was the croissant a paltry 9/10, even by her standards?
    The TV I have must be ten years old or more, almost a museum piece, and for years needed two remotes - the sole purpose of one being to switch the set on or off. Last year I changed from Sky to Freesat and now only need one remote, and actually switch off with a button on the set - designed exactly for that purpose! Thank goodness I don't have the sophisticated TV that the Old Farmer is trying to get to grips with - he has my sympathy!

  3. We had a young deer in our garden yesterday. It jumped over the garden wall from the rear lane , ran around for a while, jumped over into the neighbour's garden then back again and eventually jumped two more walls before escaping up the road.It was the highlight of our little yorky's life. Since we are in the middle of a town, it was a great surprise.

  4. Hari OM
    Dreich? DREICH? How could Angus suggest such?! By their very name and nature Sunflowers bring light on the darkest days... even if a little hangdog when forced to stand in the wet stuff... YAM xx

  5. Here in the States, our cable companies put us through a certain procedure to program our remotes to operate the particular TV for which it is being used. Just takes a couple of minutes but once done one has complete control of the TV including turning on and off, changing channels, etc.

  6. Ah, that little church surrounded by sunflower fields...These places still really exist? *sigh*. So beautiful.

  7. I photo copied a picture of the tv remote for my mother. Then on individual pages explained the function of certain buttons and how to do the steps necessary to turn it on, switch channels etc. Put in a binder and left for one month in Europe. Came home to find her watching tv in her bedroom because she could figure out that old tv. She gave up on the new one two days after we left as she screwed up something! You should see me with a cell phone!!

  8. In general, flat screen televisions have terrible sound. A sound bar, which will require another remote to turn it off and on, will greatly improve the quality of sound as well as the volume that can be obtained. They are quite simple to install.