Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Oil change.


The Old Farmer is out and about early. Today he's in a red check shirt and shiny blue track suit bottoms. Open toed sandals complete his wardrobe.  A morning for changing the oil in his lawn tractor. To do this the venerable Mercedes has to be reversed out of the garage so that the  tractor can be retrieved. All of this takes rather longer than one might expect. The oil can is too heavy for him to hold so a half litre Evian bottle is found.  Oil is poured into it so that he can work away at his own pace. When you're 90 there is a comfort in undertaking familiar old routines. 

The flags are still out on the war memorial. They have now been up for three weeks. Will they still be there after a month ?

This mornings croissant is  exactly what it appears to be. Soft and gooey. 5/10. Sophie gets not only the curly ends but also a  bit from the centre. Humans may be disdainful of gooey croissant but PONettes adore the texture. She makes a Hannibal Lector snort of delight not once, but twice. In PONs this is a sure sign of joy overload.

The sunflower field next to The Rickety Old Farmhouse alive with bees. Is the lime tree on the village green or the sunflower field noisier ? I'd still go for the lime tree. The sound is more concentrated.  On closer examination the sunflowers seem to have an avaerage of two bees per flower. Scale that up and there must be at least 100,000 bees at work here .,,, maybe more.

Sophie is in fine fettle. Gooey croissant and a headlong charge through the sunflower fields. What better way for a girl to start her day ?

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This description of a trip to Tanzania - complete with 1 minute Covid test - is priceless :


  1. I keep wondering what the old mayor thinks about the flags and whether he is tempted to sneak out one night and take them down. But then given your description of the new mayor's odd hours, that might be pretty risky. Sophie looks happy that the rain has stopped. Last night, we were very surprised to encounter a PON outside our local supermarket, a 12-year old female weighing in at more than 30 kilos - bigger than even Bob? Her owner told us she had acquired the dog from a breeder in Chicago after a long search. My husband mumbled something suspicious under his breath about what would drive a person to search for this particular breed, but we were both inexplicably happy to meet her after nine PON-less months. I guess she is slowing down at 12, so her owner was wheeling her in a very large dog carriage.

    1. The thought of a PON being wheeled in a dog carriage is seared into my imagination !

    2. Yes, I can just picture you explaining this concept to Sophie!

  2. Good to learn that the Old Farmer's practical problem solving ability is not impaired by age, apparently, despite his physical limitations.

  3. That is a very good way to start the day - how Inca wishes hers was as exciting! However on our walk we did meet up with a young, very well behaved GSD puppy, but the encounter was less than satisfactory from Inca's point of view - the 5 month old pup was bigger than she is!
    Some considerable time ago (about 4 years or so!) I began work on a sunflower mosaic using coloured glass, and every time I see the photos of your (or Sophie's?) field, I'm reminded to complete the piece! Now it graces my work table, but somehow I think your sunflowers will be over before I'm finished!