Friday, August 13, 2021


2:01 am a pair of C-A-T-S start canoodling outside the front door. 2:02 am Sophie lets the farthest reaches of the universe know that she is aware of the canoodling C-A-T-S presence and she is not happy. This continues until Angus wanders downstairs at 2:05 to congratulate the family diva on her superior guarding skills.

This morning, the vision of loveliness is fully recovered although her fur has that ' never brushed' look. She is harnessed up and made ready for our tour of the village. Before we set off Sophie wanders into the kitchen , stares at the counter and in a non-verbal way makes it plain we should start our day with Beef Wellington or failing that sausages.Sophie gets a carrot sliver .... which is better than nothing.

For a moment I wonder if Sophie is getting a little 'plump' but put it down to her coat having put on yet another growth spurt.

By the time we've made it through the sunflower fields and onto the old Roman road Sophie's muzzle has become a disaster zone. Matted twigs , mud and trace elements of badger poo will do that to a girl.

We stop at The Rickety Old Farmhouse to collect 'The Font' but are told to go to the cafe with the rider ' there's no need to hurry back'. Someone has all the shutters open and is maniacally intent on getting what cool morning air there is into the house.

Today the anti-Covid app reader is working. The bakers wife gets it to work on her third attempt. She mutters rather impolite sentences in between times as her fingers try to get the scanner to work. We order and make our way through a new one way system  to the outdoor tables. We're the only ones there. The locals either haven't 1) worked out how to install an app, 2) haven't been vaccinated ( unlikely ) or 3) are protesting about this supposed infringement of their Republican rights ( even less likely ). There's a group of cheerful octogenarians sitting on the tail gates of their Renaults  drinking take away coffees ( a new addition to the bakers offerings ) while chatting to the council refuse workers in the car park.  I'd opt for the first option.

 Todays croissant an 8.3/10. Sophie scores it 12/10.

These diplomatic farewells are always a delight to watch :


  1. Hmmm. Sophie's coat having a growth spurt in the heat of summer...?
    Here in Scotland, the only change I've noticed this week since most of the Covid restrictions were lifted is the always pointless one-way system in the Robert Gordon University sports centre has thankfully been abolished. But the somewhat absurd requirement to wear a mask when walking the few metres between changing room and edge of swimming pool is still in place.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Poor Sophie, she really does suffer with her thick coat. Inca admires her optimism at the idea of beginning the day with Beef Wellington, or sausages. Given the choice she'd take the sausages!
    We too were up and out early, but not quite so bright - it was too hot! After visiting the ATM, finding a parking space in shade, we walked along our new favourite part of the promenade, with all the joggers, illegal cyclists, and those just ambling along. We ambled as Inca sniffed, then re-sniffed, anything that might have an interesting aroma. Mask wearing, I noticed was mixed, and many chose to wear them on the upper arm! Something I'm guilty of outdoors, but at least I know where it is if needed in a hurry.
    No surprise to learn that France is very quiet - they are all still down here!

  3. Hari OM
    OOooh that second photo - has Angus discovered the Panoramic buttom? Gorgeous. I might reserve "dishevelled" as the descriptor for Mlle Sophie this morning though! YAM xx