Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Sophie starts her day by studying a molehill. Any moles are long gone but this doesn't deter her. What better way for a girl to start her day than to sit and stare at a pile of freshly excavated earth ? After five minutes of nothing happening her patience wears thin. 

This morning we head down the ox track then up over the hill to the Holy Well. From time to time Sophie stops so her companion can catch up. She does her best to hide her exasperation .

After a lengthy circuit of the village we return home. The German billionaire is in residence in the chateau. A rather stylish ( and meticulously restored ) 1960's era Mercedes drophead a sure sign he's at home.

Carrots are back on the greengrocers shelves. Unfortunately, they're fancy ones with the stalks and soil attached. Back in the car I break an end off for my shaggy companion. It's clear from the enthusiasm with which it is wolfed down that this gourmand PONette likes a little grit with her carrots.

Closer examination of her beard shows evidence of curly croissant ends.



  1. The German billionaire has better taste in cars than clothes?

  2. Exactly my thought, Gail, although I was going to say "landscapers" rather than "clothes." First, we had the beautiful old truck and now the beautiful Mercedes - these are things I would like to have if I were a German billionaire (or even if not). I like Sophie's look of total concentration in the first shot. That's a very Ponette trait, I believe (along with appreciation for a good carrot!)

  3. Hari OM
    those carrots look delicious - possibly quite sweet and tender... YAM xx

  4. Those carrots are beautiful, greens and all! Perhaps roasted carrots with a carrot greens pesto for dinner? My dogs loved a bit or two of roasted carrots when I fixed them. Happy last day of August to you and Miss Sophie.

  5. And let's not forget the other, slightly newer Mercedes in the garage on the left and the (more modest?) car I can't identify blocking the garage....I suspect the German Billionaire dresses in what he feels is a "racy" (or perhaps I should say "race-y) fashion.

  6. Sophie looks remarkably well groomed in that first photo.
    Those carrots are just starting to appear in the supermarkets here too, but at twice the price of the washed and bagged ones!
    Perhaps the Old Farmer can give the German billionaire a few tips on Mercedes restoration? They seem to prefer a similar, slightly eccentric style of dress.