Sunday, August 15, 2021


The family diva has spent her night in a cool spot at the end of the upstairs hallway. She hears me putting on  my shoes and trots along to see what's happening. En route she partakes in a little rug surfing. A lengthy ear chook is given.

Reassurance dispensed we head downstairs into the kitchen. Would you believe from the picture that yesterday a carrier bag full of hair was removed from her torso ? Me neither. There are benefits to short haired dogs.

Yesterday was hot. Today is setting itself up to be even hotter. Already 21 degrees a little after six. We take the opportunity of the cool tarmac to give the village a once over.  The flags are still out on the war memorial. That's 32 days. I should start a sweepstake to see if we can make it to 45. Of course they may have become a permanent feature.

Last night, despite the heat, the farmer bailed up the cut grass in the field across the lane. His tractor is of the pre-airconditioned cab, generation. It must have been torture inside.



  1. Hari OM
    I always enjoy how Angus can make something out of rien... YAM xx

  2. Hot temperatures here in northern Virginia too. So much so, that the dogs don't want to stay out for long - And like Sophie, they are also shedding -- Trust me, short haired dogs shed just as much, the Black Labs are the worst, their hair is visible on everything light colored.

    1. Thank you. I can reassure Sophie she's not about to be traded in for a 'lower maintenance' model !

  3. Another hot day here too - currently 35º and mostly sunny - mostly being something of an understatement!
    We were out early for our morning walk around the neighbourhood and when we came back it seemed just the right conditions for Inca to have a much needed bath. Well, it was a cool water shower from the hose on a shady part of the terrace. Not sure that she appreciated it, but she certainly enjoyed the treats! She's usually a pale cream, but now looks almost white, and smells of Aloe Vera!

  4. Rien est souvent bien, so to speak. We have cardigan welsh corgis, and I can assure you they shed, more than your Princess.