Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Steer well clear.


A van in the car park advertises a day and boarding school for 0-18 year olds. Angus quietly wonders under what possible circumstances the '0'  could be real.

This morning we start our walk on the embankment near the brutalist glass cube that houses the exotically named Seafood Ristorante. On the other side of the  estuary the hills glow white under a covering of thick, fresh snow but down here it remains dry and bright and gloriously snow free.

On the sand twenty or so small waders are promenading backwards and forwards in the waves. They are completely fearless and dart in and out of the breakers with balletic agility. Every so often the flock splits up into smaller groups of three or four who go charging off at high speed in pursuit of something only they can see. Sophie is intrigued but makes no effort to get closer to them. Every PONette knows to steer well clear of waves.

So starts a cold but clear Wednesday morning with a very happy Polish Lowland Sheepdog.


Linda said...

I looked up Rossall School. The 0 part is thankfully a day nursery taking children from 3 months. I imagine they're visiting St Andrews because the school seems big on golf - in the list of 6th form leavers' destinations are several golf scholarships to US universities.

WFT Nobby said...

The photos of the waders wading in the waves are stunning. Nobby, who in general is less water averse than his two terrier predecessors, still draws the line at waves.
Gail notes that her mother was sent to boarding school from the age of five (initially 'only' as a weekly boarder).

Travel said...

Such a pretty place, such a lucky lady.

Stephanie said...

How fortunate you and Sophie are to enjoy such glorious azure skies! We seem to be locked in a never ending spell of cold grey rain. The photos of the waders are very cheering.

Coppa's girl said...

Exhilarating photos of the waves - i can watch a sea like that for hours! Lucky you, and lucky Sophie to have such beautiful surroundings - and such interesting entertainment - watching the waders antics.

jabblog said...

Sensible Sophie to steer clear of the waves. She could so easily become waterlogged with all that fur!