Sunday, June 16, 2013

All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary.

The lady at the newsagents is apologetic. Her husband has sold the one and only copy of Le Monde to an early rising  Belgian tourist. '' Not much call for these highfalutin Paris papers " she says before adding '' Maybe I should order a second one for the summer . That way you'll be sure of getting your copy ".

It's scarecrow judging time again. On the small space of lawn outside the pharmacists window  a dozen or so straw figures. We guess that the theme of this years competition might be D'Artagnan and the three musketeers. Who the figures in bib overalls might be is something of a mystery. Bob and Sophie keep a prudent distance from these strange creatures .

Back home for an hour or so of running round the garden and dozing in the cherry orchard . For two Polish Lowland Sheepdogs this sunny Sunday morning  is turning out just fine. 

This might make the dog owners among you smile :


Wishfully Thinking said...

passing thought... out tabac orders us the Times just when we're there. Le Monde? You can read Le Monde? (I can transalte it, but I fall asleep before I reach the fold

Wishfully Thinking said...


Angus said...

You'd think they might set a copy aside as I buy it every morning. Madame Tabac refuses to do so on the basis tht ' You might go away and then what would happen ? '.

VirginiaC said...

Oh what a beautiful morning.....oh what a beautiful day!!!
Thank goodness you can at least read Le Monde online. I guess Madame Tabac sees dollar bills first.
As for the scarecrows, if I were a bird I'd stay far away from them, they're scary. I wonder which one will win the competition?
Loved all the videos today, but the you tube one was cute and informative. I learned that dog noses are like our fingerprints...didn't know that before.

Anonymous said...

I think that I may have said this before but that tabac looks very much like our one in St Geniez. I guess many of them do look similar. Our Msr Tabac is now the Mayor! It's lovely for me to see these pictures whilst I am in the UK. They invoke the strong sense of connection I have to the little part of France Profonde where our crumbly old pile is. I am counting down the days until my return. So, thank you Angus. I just hope that our little valley affords me a good internet service so that I can still check in on you all every day!
Have a great one.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I remember the scarecrows from previous years--Interesting theme this year, I wonder what Alexandre Dumas would think?

I enjoyed the video, there are some days that I would trade lives with my dogs and even Bob and Sophie!

PS: No new neighbors yet--So the "welcome home concert' was only heard by me.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

If I am honest, I would keep a prudent distance from those forms as well. Just a wee bit creepy, especially the one with the yellow head of hair.

The picture of the two carrying their chew toy - pure delight! I am looking forward to the coming days with Bob & Sophie! Darlings!

Kari said...

Maybe you can pay a few days or a weak ahead of time? So annoying to start the day without ones
favourite paper. On line just doesn't provide the same sense of relaxation and comfort.

Robin Larkspur said...

I love the side-by-side toy carrying those pups enjoy!

The scarecrows must look really creepy at night!

Angus said...

The beer and absinthe crowd would sobre up quickly if they stumbled past them at closing time !

Jo's World said...

I and most dogs I know would be happy avoiding the scarecrows. The crows wouldn't be a bit scared, I don't believe.

Jo in MN

Maggie Mae and Max said...

We are finally here and ready to follow your adventure! Now I must get caught up on all that has been happening with Bob and Sophie. :)

Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

Louise said...

Very curious, what on earth is the French word for highfalutin?

I am sorry but if I had a scarecrow entered in that competition I would just have to splurge on two sticks/poles and hide them in the trouser legs. Purely for more stability of course. ..

Whispering Walls said...

Maybe you should stick one of those figures next to the pool to show the real workmen what you think of them?

Anonymous said...

the picture of the kids side by side with the toy between them and running is just charming. I wish I could see those two frolicking in the yard, what a fun sight! As for those scarecrows..creepy!