Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To learn is to be young , however old.

The bathroom lights arrive from London. The Amazon courier leaves them in the downstairs hallway . For some reason he hasn't rung the bell or waited for a signature . As I pick up the box I can hear the dispiriting sound of hundreds of tiny pieces of broken glass jingling together. A closer examination shows that the lights metal frames have remained intact but all the glass panels have shattered. 

The builders, who have managed to turn the house into a passable imitation of a bomb site, choose this moment to announce that they won't be back until next week. '' We've got an urgent job for an old lady " says the foreman. Angus tries, unsuccessfully, to point out that the Rickety Old Farmhouse is an urgent job. '' See you Monday. Maybe " says the foreman as he leaves.

An afternoon spent on the Phone to Amazon and the fancy builder with the shiny black Mercedes the size of Kansas. Amazon refund the money immediately. Replacements on their way.  The builder says he'll see what he can do. '' I'll try to get the team back on Friday ".

Bob and Sophie discover the elasticated ropes that keep the net over the pool cover in place. Hours of endless fun. 

With the rain finally gone , today is the day for opening the pool. Miss Sophie may get a bit of a surprise if she tries her walking on water trick this afternoon.


  1. I hope their is a lifeguard on duty when the pool opens!

    Jo in MN

  2. Sounds like another 'we just deliver 'em, mate' situation...except they didn't even wait to utter those words.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We hope the lifeguard is on duty, too.

  3. Miss Sophie's instinctive swimming skills may soon be put to the test then. Let's hope Master Bob will be on hand to sound the alarm.

  4. Shatter!.... Twang!.... Sploosh!!!
    There may be trouble ahead...

    Have Fun x

  5. The slingshot is fantastic. What will they do next??? Will Sophie will learn load it up with garden pots?

  6. Angus, I thought we would have sneaked one by with the light fixture, but it was not to be. Thankfully Amazon to the rescue. Hope the replacement arrives safe and sound.
    "Urgent job for an old lady" sounds like another high-priced job they want to put in an appearance so as to safeguard both jobs. Work the other job for a few days, and then run back to the ROF, then off again. At least this gives some time for the new light to arrive.
    Please have the camera ready when Sophie discovers the pool cover is no longer there. Maybe like Criss Angel she will walk on water!

  7. ditto every single comment! LOL.
    nothing left to be said.
    can't wait to see the magical blue drinking bowl become a POOL! go sophie! a fun way to get a bath.
    maybe you need to put 'water wings' on the little babes. though bob doesn't seem to be as infatuated with it as sophie. and she would spent all of 5 minutes chewing through them anyway! just keep the string for him!

  8. Perhaps Sophie is the first Polish Lowland Waterdog.

  9. Bob is quite intrepid in his efforts to drag the pool to the other side of the yard.
    The delivery fellow was very sneaky in his delivery; wonder if he is the one that dropped the box and smashed everything?

  10. I didn't do it. No one saw me. I don't know HOW these torn up papers got here. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  11. I guess that is why the delivery bloke didn't wait around...he heard the tinkling of teeny tiny pieces of glass too.

    Those faces are just simply to die for! What lovelies....

  12. Hopefully somebody will take Sophie into the pool for a first time learning experience! lol

    The French work ethic is like nothing I've ever seen or heard about before!

  13. Pool opening day is our favorite! Great photos!!

  14. Just look at those innocent little faces!

    Really it is almost unbelievable how adorable they are.

  15. I was SO hoping Bob would manage to hit Sophie with his slingshot (not HARD, just a wee tap to startle and amuse......), perhaps if you are unable to fashion a crank for your pool cover out of a dinner fork and a dowel, you could help Bob practice his slingshot skills. So as to make having the pool a financially sound investment. To prevent bitterness. Dogs, after all, are all about preventing bitterness.