Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life is about giving , and the rest is taken care of.

It pours within rain all day. The gentle little stream at the foot of the ridge turned into a raging torrent. Up in the mountains they've had snow and are opening up the ski resorts. In June ? This is now , officially, the coldest and wettest year since 1816.

Madame Bay stops by with the latest village news. The mayor is going to retire next year. He's had enough of the never ending paperwork . The deputy mayoress is selling her house by the lake and moving in with a man in Toulouse. Madame Bay has heard that the man works for Airbus. She adds in a half scandalized whisper ' I think he may be German ' .The billionaires in the chateau on the hill have bought two more fields from the very old farmer for their horses. The second hole that's been dug in the village green is for a new tap. Madame Pinel, the lady who waters the flower beds by the church porch, has said she's not lugging any more watering cans from the village pond. She either gets a tap, or she goes.

Bob and Sophie seem to have adapted to this glamorous Peyton Place lifestyle rather well. Madame Bay gives them half a McVities digestive and they fall asleep.


  1. It seems that Bob and Sophie's main gift to you at the moment is the opportunity to practice your dog bathing skills...

  2. They suddenly look much bigger to us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Thanks to Madame Bay, there is no need to read the local Sunday newspaper.
    Oh the wet hairy love of a dog.....enjoy.
    Hurrah for Madame Pinel.....putting her foot down. Lugging water from the village pond must have been quite tedious.

  4. Small town gossip . . .it never ends, it multiplies and lives forever and ever!

    I think the pups have had a growth spurt, pass it on!

    Jo in MN

  5. We all thrive on the village gossip-of course if it is true, it isn't considered to be gossip! Who needs telephones with Madame Bay in the neighborhood? Yes, the pups seem to have had a growth spurt, must be all that dirt you are feeding them.
    Karen & Kelly Rathje
    (Cold wet Iowa USA)

  6. Oh the scandals and Oh the weathew, but the impawtant thing is Sophie and Bob awe gwowing and loving life and just gazing awound at all the silly hoomans .
    smoochie kisses

  7. Big Dogs, wow! And look at the size of Bob's paws!!
    Madame Bay always has the best gossip!

  8. We love digestives here....human and animal alike! I fee your pain with the torrential rains - we are still under frost warnings and although sunny today - there is a cold north wind. Seems never ending.

  9. We are baking in the 43C temperatures. . Relentless sun and heat. What we wouldn't give for some cold, wet weather!
    The cows that you were kindly providing with food, are they still with us or.....?

  10. growing, growing, growing - looks like the rain is not only helping more than plants to grow.