Thursday, June 6, 2013

There's only one way to cook a sausage.

Eight weeks to go before the village pottery weekend. ' The font ' returns from the joint Wednesday night committee meeting. The members of the Floral Village Committee want to serve a mixed grill to the potters. The members of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee want to serve plain sausage. '' With a mixed grill some will want their meat rare, others will want it well done. It's simpler to cook a sausage " says the Chairman of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee with Mosaic solemnity. ' I hope you're not suggesting I burn my steaks ' says a lady from the Floral Village crowd. Uproar follows.  It takes the better part of three hours not to arrive at a decision.

This morning the very old farmer is sound asleep, face to the morning sun, propped up in a white plastic chair by his front door. He doesn't hear Bob and Sophie greet him enthusiastically as they go by. It must be a very deep sleep.

The dust sheets have multiplied. They now stretch down the length of the upstairs hallway. When we return from our walk two young men are removing a bath. They put it down and tickle Sophie. Bob tries to clamber into the bath.


Anonymous said...

Was the elderly gent still asleep when you came back past him? Just wondering whether it might be an idea to check on him.
I really like your painted beams. I am having a ten year plus battle with Stuart to at least try the look in a small area.
I love picture 1 of Bob. I think he may turn out to be a smiler!
Have a great day.

VirginiaC said...

I LOVE the second photo. If Brownie were not so jealous, I would consider using it for my pc wallpaper.
"It takes the better part of three hours not to arrive at a decision", made me laugh. It would not have been a deepest France profonde meeting, if both sides had agreed.
The very old farmer looks quite contented enjoying his morning snooze. Bob and Sophie probably wanted to remind him that he owes them some rabbit stew.
I have an upcoming bathroom redo on my schedule, and I'm dreading taking out the heavy iron bath tub.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

One toy shared is obviously more fun than individual toys. Maybe it's time for Bob and Sophie to learn some rug surfing on the drop cloths.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Fat Dormouse said...

I think the sausage lady has a point...Maybe one could compromise & serve burgers too. But steaks could open a can of worms!
I love your dogs - and your dust sheeted house looks rather magnificent too!

WFT Nobby said...

Plain sausage or mixed grill? Now which would Bob and Sophie prefer?

Anonymous said...

I love watching Bob and Sophie play so nicely. Do they ever get into fights? Your house is stunning as is the front of the old farmers house-sign me up for moving to Southern France.
Karen & Kelly Rathje

tammy j said...

bob is starting to pose for the camera just like wilf!
i love it when they carry a toy together. LOL
i hope the old farmer is okay. usually old people don't sleep that deeply. holding good thoughts for him.

houndstooth said...

Well, if they couldn't argue about meat, I'm sure they'd have found something else to argue about! lol

Bob and Sophie seem to never have trouble finding some fun to get into!

Robin Larkspur said...

Love those two videos, the pups are good at cooperating! I was wondering about those dust cloths staying so nicely spread out with your two little angels racing around.
"The Font" must be very stoic to be able to get through three-hours of no decision making.
I, too, had a bit of concern for the very old farmer. We are all just nervous nellies, really!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your daily lives with us. The PON daily adventures never cease to make me smile. I love to start my day with a visit to deepest Provence.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love how they do everything in tandem.
Just charms me every time I see them.

Um.... perhaps someone should check on the the very old farmer?

Katherine said...

I suspect if you gave them the opportunity Bob and Sophie would show you there's only one way to EAT a sausage. ;-)

Louise said...
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Louise said...

I think one of the better ways to cook a sausage is in a toad in the hole, with gravy. That wouldn't be super practical for the pottery fair would it.

Oh my goodness, a picture of a person! Should this give me hope that one day we shall all catch a glimpse of Madame Bay or even The Font? Hmmmm, on the other hand I think part of the charm of this blog is that I only know what y'all look like in my mind. Like a particularly well loved book, but better because you really do exist.

Do hope you see the very old farmer shuffling home from the grave site tomorrow.

Unknown said...

When I saw the sheets in the hallway, I thought of Wilf and Digby riding carpets in that hall; hope Bob and Sophie learn the same trick!
Nice renovators, stopping to pet Sophie.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

That is one long snooze - the sun has gone over the building already! Perhaps Bob would like a bath if he's eager to get into one...

Anyone who does not stop to pet and cuddle puppies has no soul! Well done renovators!