Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.

A morning spent dozing by the front door and barking at builders. In the evening a trip to the rugby stadium. The last match of the year. An unexciting affair. The local farmers stroll up one side of the pitch and amble down the other.

In one of the matches many pauses the new gendarme , recently transferred from Perpignan and a less than sparkling right  wing , wanders over and asks  what sort of dogs Bob and Sophie are. He then wants to know if we'd driven to Poland to get them. When told we'd got them in France he replies with the cheerful line '' So they're French Lowland Sheepdogs ". Humour ? Angus thinks it wise to laugh. Angus also notes that the young gendarmes neck is twice as thick as his head. During this conversation Sophie is sprawled indelicately across the bench, legs akimbo, head on my lap, snoring contentedly . Bob is lying in a deep impenetrable sleep across my feet.

The company that make the broken solar powered  swimming pool cover have an answering machine. This endlessly plays a message. '' Please call back after lunch. Our opening hours are ten til twelve thirty and two til five Monday through Friday. Thank you ". This unchanging message greets you no matter what time or day you call. E-mails? Forget it. Today, Angus will send them a registered letter asking if they can supply a hand crank .

This morning  a fleet of white Citroen vans are parked around the 16th century pottery kiln.


  1. Look at the size of them!

    I'm having dinner with the Tuffies lady tonight. I'll ask if she has any more bed suggestions

  2. Late in the season for a last rugby match?

  3. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Love the Franklin P. Jones words of wisdom today...they're so true.
    We knew all along that Sophie and Bob were French Polish Lowland
    Hope the registered letter is received and acted upon promptly by the pool cover company. How on earth are they still in business I wonder? The after sales service is horrible.
    Barking at builders must be quite fun for the two angels.

  5. Bob keeps getting taller! I guess the excitement of the rugby match was too much for your PONs.

  6. We hope the beautiful lavender plants stay intact!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Neck twice as thick as his head . . . hmm, yes it may have been best to concede that the young officer was right, and comical. His interrogation techniques could have become less friendly.

  8. Well, if the lavender plants get a bit smooshed, at least Bob and Sophie will have a lovely scent. People often comment on our "French" poodle. The breed originated in Germany. Now will have to tell them she is an American poodle!

  9. Bonjour Bob & Sophie. I saw your pic on Bouncie Bertie's bloggie and just had to pop over. You two look like you have lots of fun.
    Have a grrrrrrrrrreat day.

  10. Sounds ominous - hope they aren't on the sort of holiday your builders sometimes have...

  11. I love that puppies keep life from ever being dull. I've especially enjoyed their antics during this tough week.

    Good luck getting that crank!

  12. The description of the gendarme made me laugh out loud! What a picture. Those two darlings are just too much cute!