Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Life is trying things to see if they work.

It's been cold. Now suddenly it's hot. Very hot. March one minute and August the next.  

The little wrens nesting in the wisteria around the front door start their song at dawn. A whole vocabulary in those first notes. Joy, gladness, delight, sunshine, cheer. Bob and Sophie soon join them. Their comical high pitched barks add zest and gusto to the mix. A blissful day awaits. There again Bob and Sophie approach each day in the knowledge that it's going to be the best ever.  

6:30 am. Bob has shredded the wallpaper samples and Sophie has discovered ( rediscovered ? ) something exciting in the garden trough . Dog owners are the luckiest people.


  1. Dog owners are indeed the luckiest people.

    We awaken to the raucous calls of Ravens and/or screeches of Cockatoos. Not a gentle way to start the day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I think Bob was trying to tell you that he didn't approve of any of your wallpaper selections, and please go back and try some different ones...

  3. Paint seems like an easier option.........our little madam shredded the wallpaper when it was on the walls!

  4. Dog Owners are THE luckiest people...couldn't agree with you more.
    Time to get new wallpaper samples, Bob did not like the first ones that were chosen.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. I agree, dog owners are the luckiest people in the world! You'll have to be sure to let us know what Bob does for an encore after the wallpaper, I have a feeling there will be something! :-)

  6. Digger, Digger, Digger...
    Somehow my luckiness seemed to run out a bit when Mrs Kitty dug up my new Acer for the third time this morning :-/
    Puppies - Love 'em!
    Have fun X

  7. I totally agree, dog owners ARE the luckiest people!

  8. Beautiful photos!! Sophie really seems to be the Chief Digger Extraordinaire around the Rickety Farmhouse. Of course Bob makes up for it by being the Head Shredder. A perfect team.

  9. It's amazing how much song comes out of one little bird..joyful. Blackbird song really makes me smile too.

  10. Bob says pah for paper. Lime wash, his preference.
    Sophie is the expert on what should, or shouldn't, be included in the garden.
    The house looks lovely. Houses do have a special look when they're filled with joy.
    (43C predicted today for us and it's only June!)

  11. Lucky indeed! We over here in our little patch of the world concur. Love the photos of the two scrambling over one another for the toy. Fun days ahead!

  12. Dear All -

    We are Sooooo enjoying this Blog each & every day now! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the wonderfully profound thoughts.

    Dogs are indeed the very best gift we've Found so far ... they seem to make us more complete and more aware of the all beauty around us!

    Your Pals,
    Yogi "the yellow lab" from Ohio and his Mom