Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In youth we learn ; in age we understand .

Sophie clambers into the back of the builders van and ' liberates ' a paintbrush that has carelessly been left on the floor. We find her under a cherry tree as she's just removing the last of its bristles. When told off she gives us a crystal pure look that says " I cannot tell a lie. It was Bob " . She is learning that big brothers have some uses.

For his part Bob is in the garden eyeing up the New York Review of Books. This has been carefully placed out of reach. There can be no doubting that Bob is keen to devour it from cover to cover. Literally. 


  1. Only out of reach because you're watching. Won't be long before he can enjoy The Review for himself.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  2. Hey Bob, I could send you a book to eat, should you so wish. It'll get there, won't it, if I address the package to:

    Bob c/o Angus and the Font,
    The Village in SW France where all the colourful characters live,

    Toodle pip!

  3. It's only a short hop onto that chair!

  4. I think Bob and Sophie live under the rule of, "what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too!"

  5. Pinch... chew... spy

    Ooh no Bob, eating that wouldn't be good for your internal system... unless of course it's a digest :-)

    Have fun X

  6. Sophie is clearly casing the joint while Bob is employing diversionary tactics and laughing about it. BTW he has a gorgeous laughing face.

  7. I like Sophie, she's eager to help with the gardening and the painting too....send her over.

  8. These to certainly aren't shy! Bob had highbrow aspirations while Miss Sophie is the domestic sort, they keep their audience laughing.
    Karen & Kelly Rathje in beautiful Iowa

  9. i can just almost see those laughing eyes on bob's little face!
    wonderful pictures and story with my morning coffee!

  10. Paintbrushes and book reviews.
    Artistic and literary.
    You are obviously raising very creative dogs.

  11. Clever Sophie! Always blame the brother...I certainly do!

  12. Your dogs are classy, painting and decorating and reading. Awesome.

  13. I cannot lie, it was Bob! Big laughs here!

    1. Said in a ladylike Miss Jean Brody voice of course!