Sunday, July 28, 2013

A fault denied is twice committed

The swimming pool cover repairmen drop off the missing screws in the post box. Why they would drive all this way and not fix them in place is a further mystery of French after sales service.

The builder phones at ten on Saturday night. Could he just 'pop by' on Sunday afternoon ?  In other words can he bring over his bill and could I have the cheque book open and ready ?

'Work' has started afresh on the 16th century pottery kiln. Quite how it's going to be made ready by next weekend remains to be seen. Sophie demonstrates her community spirit by christening it.

The baker has a new line in 'chilled' cakes. He describes these at length to a client on the other end of  the phone. The baker is completely oblivious to the large queue of would be baguette buyers that has built up behind him.


  1. Maybe chilled cakes bring in more income than baguettes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I'm going to play the Glad Game and be happy that at least the screws were dropped off. No more duct tape.....a few quick turns of the screwdriver and it's taken care of....forget about the stress they put you through.
    Did the builder complete the entire project? My cheque book would remain closed if the work wasn't completed, except if a previous agreement dictated payments at different schedules of work done.
    Tell Sophie that Brownie says he loves christenings too.
    Happy Sunday to you all...

  3. Atta girl Sophie for showing your community spirit! Next in line to demonstrate...Bob. Those cakes look lovely!

  4. Being in line at the bakery would probably work the same way for me as it does when I'm in line at the check out in the grocery store, I start looking at everything and end up with a few 'impulse' buys! A marketing strategy by the baker?

  5. Chilled cakes? Is that refrigerated to last longer or cakes meant to be served chilled? If it's the latter, what a heavenly idea with all of this horribly hot weather. In dreams, I'm enjoying one now!
    We've missed the bakes goods photos terribly.

    P.S. Good show, Sophie!

  6. Are they like the ice cream cakes Baskin Robbins used to sell or are they like lemon cakes that taste better when chilled? The macarons look delectable.
    Are Bob and/or Sophie ever invited onto that tempting striped hammock when a person is using it?

    1. Bob and Sophie are feet on the ground type dogs. Hammocks are not for them !

  7. There for a moment, I thought the pottery kiln was a dog house!

  8. Those macarons look lovely, which ones shall we have Bob and Sophie ?

  9. Why, why, do phone calls take precedent over personal presence? The cakes look lovely but....
    Good girl, Sophie.
    Ditch the kiln...IMHO.

  10. Shouldn't you send a dozen of those macarons to all of your faithful readers? :)

  11. Are they like cheesecakes and chocolate mousse cakes? Nice addition to the bakery. My dream kitchen would have a fridge like that with double glass doors, one of those crazy costly subzero things. I have a feeling that a ziplock bag of cheese, a carton of milk and a jar of mayo would not grace the shelves quite so beautifully as those chilled cakes, mind you. Somethings are probably best left for dreams.