Saturday, July 20, 2013

Everything will perish save love and music.

The Wrens nesting in the wisteria above the front door have been joined by a family of Chaffinches . The Wrens wake first, then the Chaffinches, then an enthusiastic and vocal  Bob. When Bob rises, the whole village rises with him.

Bob discovers a field mouse nest. He shuttles backwards and forwards until he's deposited its entire contents in the kitchen. That unmistakeable " look what I've brought you " look .  ' The font ' does not share his delight.

Expelled from the house Bob plays with the garden sprinklers. This keeps him occupied until lunchtime. He rushes into the kitchen and  lies on the tiles . A pool of water forming round him.  He is towelled dry.  Bob adopts his long suffering   '' Keep your hair on ! It's only a drop of water " attitude while this is going on .

His afternoon is spent in the cherry orchard rediscovering his inner equilibrium. Sophie spends her day with ' the font ' in the kitchen. There is sea bream for dinner.


  1. Oh Bob, I feel for you pal. These humans with all their towels and fuss. It's just the same if I try entering the house after wading through a bog. I guss we just have to humour them.
    Toodle pip! Bertie.

  2. Bob had a great day....good for him.
    Sophie is honing her culinary skills keeping the Font company in the girl. Food comes first.
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

  3. Not wanted, dead or alive...field mice imports.

  4. Bob must have been very proud of his gift to 'the font'!
    He had a busy day, and I believe Sophie's day was just as intense; kitchen duty is serious business!

  5. How industrious of Bob, but poor little mice. Were they in any shape to go home again?

  6. Sounds seriously like our days here.
    Apple spied a rabbit in the garden at dawn.
    Needless to say, we all got up early today.

    1. The shared bond of PON owners / families !

  7. Rivals the time I came home to find a "gift" of a dead mole on my bed...

  8. They are good dogs to show you what they found.

  9. Love the bubbles on Bob's tongue! Lovely to find a wonderful gift of mice...ugh! Sophie is a wise girl, spend time where the rewards are perhaps plentiful!

  10. Busy Bob and smart Sophie. So Bob's a giver - good dog!