Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never underestimate your problems or your ability to deal with them.

We're up and out early. The cool morning air a delight after last nights clammy heat. Bob is brimming  over with energy . We walk from one end of the village to the other - the span of  his universe . At the petanque court we sit for a while and gaze at the sun just beginning to rise behind the mountains ;  the sky shading from grey to purple to pink to blue.  A large green grasshopper ambles across the grass in front of us. Bob is unsure whether to play with it, eat it or ignore it. He toys with options one and two before deciding on the third.

On our way home we pass a hive of activity round the pottery kiln. The mayor, the farmer with the bulbous nose, a man in smock and beret and the lawnmower repair man all hard at work. '' We've bought new bricks " says the mayor. He  points to a pile of bricks. '' Not as good as the ones from St.Etienne but much cheaper " adds the farmer with the red bulbous nose. There then follows a lengthy discussion about the quality of St.Etienne bricks, the best way of getting to St.Etienne and how much petrol would be used in driving there. We excuse ourselves and leave them discussing the confusing motorway intersections outside Lyons.

The butcher drops off some small rib bones for Sophie. He knows she's convalescing. Sometimes one is surprised by the kindness and care of almost strangers. Sophie is delighted. After breakfast she uses Bob as a pillow and grabs an hours beauty sleep. To the vets this afternoon to have the stitches removed .


  1. How touching that the butcher remembered Sophie. And Sophie is smart enough to know it is always good to make friends with the butcher!

  2. She looks very comfortable snuggled up to Bob and he appears very happy to oblige. Bless their hearts.

    That poor kiln. Its torture is relentless.

    What a nice thing for the butcher to do.

    I hope the visit to the vets goes well.


  3. First butcher I like... (being almost vegetarian... She is so sweet...

  4. Everybody needs a PON for a pillow!
    Pic 3 is just delightful - a pile of contented PONs.

    Once the kiln is up and firing will its job be to make more tiles and bricks for itself? - Self regenerating.

    Have fun X

  5. What a kind and thoughtful butcher to drop off small rib bones for Sophie....look at the pure look of joy on her face as she enjoys them.
    I'm sure the trip to the vet this afternoon will be uneventful, and Sophie will be back to her old self again.
    I don't think it matters whether the kiln bricks were obtained from St. Etiennne or not, the "experts" will still be blowing them to high heavens.

  6. Wow we need your butcher over here. Enjoy the bones Sophie. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I like the Pile-o-Pons too. It makes me want to join them for a nap on the lawn. A bit damp in foggy Nova Scotia for that today. I will dream of sultry France instead.

  8. Enjoy your treat Sophie, Bob your "treat" will follow shortly! It warms my heart to see Bob and Sophie so attached to each other.
    Karen & Kelly Rathje
    Beautiful Bettendorf Iowa

  9. the two of them sleeping there together on the cool green grass... she in her little white t-shirt...
    doesn't get much better than that. ... until of course they do something even more adorable!
    i so love these wee dogs.

  10. Does that make Sophie 'fit as a butcher's dog ?' They do look incredibly cute snuggled up together

  11. Sophie appears to be in a state of other worldly euphoria with the rib. I think you should show that photo to the thoughtful butcher sometime.

    Goodness, you can really see how much larger Bob is in the Pile o Pon :) picture. Sophie looks teeny in comparison!

  12. Cutest picture ever with the darlings curled up to one another. Bless....

    Good luck for the stitches removal Sophie! We are keeping our paws crossed for you here....

  13. It was so kind of him to bring the bones, enjoy...