Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If ignorance is bliss, why be otherwise ?

Hot and cloudy. One of those mornings when it seems like someones taken a woollen blanket, soaked it in hot water, then wrapped it round your shoulders. The road repair gang must agree. They started work at six o'clock. Bob was soon at the garden gate to welcome them. 37 degrees forecast for this afternoon.

The garlic festivities into a second day. Outside the little market towns 1 star hotel a bevy of fancy cars with Paris plates. The  great and the good of the garlic world here en masse. We pass a solitary old farmer sitting at a table in the market hall to escape the heat . Tonight the chairs will be filled for a  festive dinner and the award of the 'Miss Garlic 2013' title. 

Bob and Sophie are each given a small 50 cent Chevre batonette from the stall selling garlic sausage.They sit by me at the cafe under the arcades and chew contentedly on this delicacy. A previous generation of PON's used to enjoy a similar seasonal treat.  The waitress brings them the mandatory, shared, half croissant. She laughs. The beer and absinthe crowd laugh. A table of four Belgian tourists laugh. A happy circle of continuity.

'The font' takes Bob off for an hours worth of shopping and socializing . Sophie heads off with me for a walk round the village. At the horse field we stop. Sophie sits, entranced, at the sight of two horses happily eating the mallow hedge. Ten minutes of amazement. The village pottery festival now a mere week and a half away. No sign, yet, of the promised repair to the pottery kiln.

So starts a summer Wednesday in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Miss Garlic 2013......many contenders?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Probably the same number as enter the 'Miss Nut' contest at the hazelnut festival .

  2. I would watch in amazement at the two horses too, if I were Sophie. "What BIG dogs they are!!"
    The poor pottery kiln, maybe there will be a rush to get it ready in time for the festival.....or maybe not.
    The picture you painted of the two angels sitting and eating their Chevre batonette treat with croissant, and everyone laughing at the scene was soooo cute. That would have made me smile too if I were there.

  3. Sophie's wonderment at the big dogs (horses) is charming to see. The breakfast of sausage and croissant sounds excellent. Has Sophie shown any further Toad problems?

  4. We have some fascination here with the horses, too! Glad to hear that life in France is as charming as ever! :)

  5. An enchanting scene of PONs, horses, garlic, sausage and a hot day. Life is good.

  6. Big garlic town is Gilroy, CA

  7. Miss Garlic? Miss Nut? I need to move closer....

  8. I loved this post. I love them all but especially this one, the circle of happy laughing life. So nice that you let Sophie just sit and watch for ten minutes.

    Miss Garlic doesn't sound all that glamorous but somehow Mademoiselle Ail (is that right)? sounds so much better.

    Here in Az we have been getting some dramatic afternoon thunder storms and rain as per usual for this time of year. Cools things down nicely for a LITTLE while, but then just turns the place into a steam bath of an evening. Walks are just not pleasant this time of year, unless you go very, very inhumanely early.

  9. As to the words of wisdom with which you begin your post, - why indeed????? The idea is appealing, at times, and very convenient at other times.....

  10. Re: the title of your post - I saw a mousepad the other day that said "if ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" LOL...