Monday, July 1, 2013

Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.

A run round the garden followed by a leisurely walk along the path at the top of the ridge. Up here the air rich with the smell of garlic. Both pups intrigued by the carcass of some long dead animal. Hare, badger, fox ? Too far gone to say. Ahead of us two sanity testing hours with a pair of hungry and thirsty PON's before we're due at the vets. Off to the motorway service station. Lakes, trees, picnic areas, freshly trimmed grass and the scent of hundreds , if not thousands, of invisible dogs. Trucks to watch, tourists to bark at. Hunger displacement therapy in this canine heaven. While they frolick we enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee.

Ten to nine. Sophie is weighed. I turn to go but the vet asks me to stay while the catheter goes in . '' She'll feel more comfortable if you're with her ". A slight whine at the noise of the clippers. Then one brief '' is this alright ? '' look of pure trusting  innocence. Noble vulnerability. Then she's asleep. We'll collect her at three this afternoon.

Bob is decidedly unhappy at the absence of his sister. Today Mr. Frump is going to be barking at everything .


  1. Aw bless little Sophie x

    The agonising long hours waiting for her to be returned to the pack, Bob will be a lost soul no doubt.

    Not long before she's bouncing, barking an digging again.

  2. Lady Sophie will be okay...she's a real trooper.
    "A look of pure trusting innocence," your words always impart so much, I am reminded of that look in my own bow wows when we visited the vet for medical procedures.
    You and Bob will be inseparable today, I know. Give him a warm head pat for me.

  3. Love and gentle hugs to Sophie. And a bigger one for Bob who is missing his sister

  4. Fingers and paws crossed for dear wee Sophie. It sounds like she's in the hands of caring professionals.

    But how to restrain Bob when sister returns home?

  5. There's a reason that look is trusting

  6. We hope you didn't feel guilty at that trustful look. SHE would.

    Going to be hard keeping her from digging when she returns.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. I think it's going to be a long day for everyone! Sending good thoughts for Sophie and for you, 'the font' and Bob I hope your day passes quickly.

  8. a simple operation i know. but until that little girl is back with you and just fine... a bated breath from all of us...
    give wee bob a special hug from me while he waits. xoxo

  9. She's almost home now. Bob will have his playmate back soon. So how will you keep those two quiet?

    1. Bob is going to be introduced to the game of touch rugby in the upper hallway. Sophie will be in a cage in 'the font's ' office. Any other ideas? It's only for two weeks !

  10. Lulu monitored her own recovery. She's such a mardy dog so any movement that caused a flicker of pain kept her completely still and reclining on the sofa for a couple of days. After that, she gradually perked up and we kept her in her cage so she couldn't leap about too much.
    I would certainly keep them apart so he doesn't get her too excited or distressed, at least for a day or two. As you say, it's only for two long weeks.......could be the longest weeks of their/your lives so far !!

  11. Good luck Sophie and hope you are back home soon. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. A very thoughtful and considerate vet you have, Angus.
    We feel relieved. We were recalling a certain Parisian who couldn't spare a pat for Wilf's head.
    Sophie is in our heart and prayers.

  13. Good luck and fast healing to Sophie. And may Bob find patience to wait for his sister's return to bounding good health.

  14. Not long now and Sophie will be back for lots of loves and cuddles, then the hard part of keeping her calm and quiet and trying to explain to Bob that his sister needs a bit of quiet and calm. You'll be amazed at just how quickly she recovers though

  15. Our very best wishes to Ms. Sophie for a quick recovery. With a healthy little dog, you can see, every day, the level of healing increase, and in no time, she will be back to her rowdy ways!