Thursday, July 18, 2013

Everything is possible, except to bite your own nose.

Another 100 degree day. Half an hour spent on the runway in a crowded , overheated bus. The aircraft jetty has broken down. You'd think that in this day and age they might have thought of making buses with airconditioning. There again you'd think they'd have another jetty.

An English family group with tee shirts sporting the motto " Fifty - expletive - five ! ". The 'g' has been left off the expletive. It would seem the father of the family has turned 55 and has taken his extended family away to celebrate. Angus thinks the tee-shirts are rather vulgar . Would they get away with wearing them in a US airport ? None of the other passengers , even those with inquisitive six year olds,  seem to notice or care. The family group find it highly amusing - the joke as fresh for them as it must have been when they first dreamt up the slogan. Angus wonders if his prurience is another sign that he's getting old.

Bob and Sophie delighted that they've been taken to the airport. The sliding doors with their mesmerizing ' whoosh ' sound remain an object of canine delight. Bob discovers that by lying in the right place and moving his paws he can set of the electronic beam that makes the doors move.  There was another PON in history that used to do the same thing.  The comfort of familiarity.


  1. I'm with you on the tee-shirts, Angus. I think that the English language offers the choice of so many wonderful adjectives that there is no need to substitute with expletives, especially the one that we call here in the US, 'the f-bomb.'

    What fun for Bob and Sophie at the airport--No expletives needed there when they discovered the doors I'm sure!

    I hope your trip continues to be a safe one!

  2. Airport run....whooshing doors....YEAH!!!
    I refuse to comment on the tee-shirts, what folks find funny these days just doesn't even emote a snicker in me.
    Hope the remainder of your trip is without incident.

  3. A very special welcome home by two happy pups. The picture of them in the back of the car is priceless. I have a lump in my throat just imagining the airport homecoming. Try to block the nasty t-shirt slogan from your memory.
    Karen & Kelly Rathje

  4. If only I could still find such delight in airports. Yet again, we can learn from our fun loving pups.

  5. Whooshing doors sounds fun to us. Have a terrific Thursday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I love the idea of Bob keeping up the airport tradition!

    If it makes you feel better, I wouldn't wear the shirt, either, and I don't think I'm as old as you...

  7. At a family party in your own home, go ahead and wear those t-shirts (if you must). In public, please give us all a break!
    Love the image of Bob discovering the joys of automatic doors! Sweet memory for you of the Dear One.

  8. No sympathy for vulgar T-shirts from the other side of the pond, where retirement age is so much higher. Love the image of Bob making magic with the doors. Bon voyage (not sure if you're coming or going, but whatever).

  9. No, you're not getting old.
    The shirts are vulgar.
    And as I'm on airport driving duty tomorrow, I do wish my two could accompany me. They would love it so.
    Alas, the US is terribly backward in its acceptance of dogs in public places.

  10. The t-shirts are vulgar and offensive. The family of idiots obviously have no respect for themselves or the parents who had to explain to their children what that new word meant.

    Bob, you are a very clever pup. I'm certain that Wilf was looking down with pride.

  11. I just don't get why people feel the need to wear vulgar t-shirts. Its beyond me. And those that thinks its funny or hilarious are just as vulgar. Not funny. Ever.

    What a fun day for the PONs! People, whooshing doors, all fun, fun, fun!

  12. I don't think you're getting old, just weary of encountering unpleasantness everywhere. One gets very tired of rubbing shoulders with such people eventually, and inevitably.
    On second thoughts, maybe it is age after all ..............

  13. We just love your smiling faces, Bob and Sophie! You're both so cute!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Are you sure you mean prurience?

    1. Slip of the keyboard. Should have been prudish - a surer sign of getting older !

    2. Your reaction to the ill advised and failed attempt at t-shirt slogan “humor” is anything but prudish.
      The King of Tonga, a mature and successful man, married to the elegant and sophisticated,“Font,” best friend and caregiver to the intelligent and talented Bob and Sophie should, quite rightly, be offended by this coarse and inane description of that amazing time of life when a man (and woman) have succeeded in acquiring all that is, indeed, truly meaningful.
      (I, an American, can easily imagine an American family wearing this t-shirt.)