Saturday, July 27, 2013

An old rat is a brave rat.

A full throttle day. An unruly flock to herd. Meals to be supervised. Sticks to be retrieved. A garden to be guarded . Lavender to be chewed. A sunset to be watched. The crowded swimming pool to be marvelled at - but avoided. Everything to be participated in . Barely a moment to sit back and relax. This morning , when I come downstairs , Bob and Sophie are still asleep. A first .

The 'bad farmer' comes to take away the two cows from the field across the lane . For four years they've suffered periods of abject neglect interspersed with (briefer) moments of good stewardship. We've watered them in summer and shooed them off the roses in Spring. Now the wide eyed sisters are coaxed onto a crowded truck to be driven to Italy to be fattened up. A thousand mile journey in searing heat. A vignette of village life too inconsequential to be noted in a diary but recorded on this blog because it won't be recorded anywhere else. The rhythm of life in deepest France profonde.


  1. We here took note and felt for them. Some people do not deserve to keep animals of any kind.
    I am busy planning a long drive to France, where the comfort of my animals is paramount. All who read this blog I am sure would be of a like mind.
    Have a great day with all the flock.

  2. The neglect of animals across the world just shows how little man has progressed over centuries, to our shame.
    I cringe every time I see a truck full of livestock. It takes so little effort to look after them properly but it needs a lot of love and a huge change in attitude.

  3. I agree with the sentiments of Teena and Merlin and Jean above. Angus, you and the Font have been very kind to those cows on many occasions, bless your hearts.
    I can still see you ferrying water to quench their thirst. The callous way in which some folks treat animals has always shocked me to the bone.
    I have loved animals all my life. I ran into an old school friend the other day who reminded of an evening we were giving her a ride home from school. She remembered me making my Dad stop the car, so I could get out and stop a man from beating a donkey to make it go. I was a junior member of the RSPCA at the time.
    Bob and Sophie have another fun-filled day ahead, I'm sure....enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    Loved the sunset photo.

  4. Poor cows....

    You didn't mention digging. Has Sophie given up?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I had wondered about the cows when you posted photos of the horses, but for some reason I didn't feel I could dare ask. But I agree, Teena and Merlin have said it best. We all worried and hoped for the best for them...And I still do.

  6. Will be slaughtered soon - poor creatures perched into a transporter on the boiling motorway...
    Smiles all over - Bob is in paradise - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  7. I certainly hope those are the only animals
    owned by such an individual.

  8. Those cows have been endearing participants in this continuing tale of life in France profonde. I hate to think of their fate...both their difficult past and their tenuous future.


  9. I echo what Jean, Teena and Merlin said. You and 'the font' were kind to these two poor neglected creatures, and I believe somehow that made a difference in the Big Story of Life. The longer I live the less I want to eat meat, although I still do, if only rarely. The callous way we treat animals in the name of profit is sickening. Mankind hasn't learned a thing.

    All we can do for an antidote is to surround ourselves with the joy and laughter only dogs can bring. Thank God for dogs and their perpetual cheer for each day! Hope Bob and Sophie have lots of fun with the flock today.

    Cheers from California,
    Purple Magpie, Mitzi the Chiweenie, and Emmy the Bouncing Pogo Puppy

  10. The poor cows, and my comments echo those above. Blessings on M'Ongoose and "the font" for caring about and for them. I hope there is a way for karma to prevent the bad farmer from owning any more animals.

  11. I hope those cows make the journey. If they aren't in top shape, it might not be the best outcome. I shall keep hope for them. I suspect the end result will be on someone's dinner plate. Shame really.

    Perhaps Bob & Sophie are in time of their growing to sleep in on weekends? Maybe?

  12. Not much more to be said about the fate of the cows.
    It sounds lively and festive at the ROF!! Enjoy enjoy!!

  13. Poor cows. I am so glad you and the font were there for them when you could be. Hate to think of them making that journey, and what awaits them. They had such kind and trusting faces. I stopped eating meat in April and for the most part I am not finding it difficult. Come the occasional BBQ where a peice of steak might tempt me I shall just think of "your" cows.

    Don't think I could look that farmer in the eye after this.

  14. Ah, the sweet cows - I am heartsick for them yet again. I sketched one of their faces in my sketchbook from your photos so at least I duly memorialized them as well as worried about and loved them from Oregon. I knew they were "food" and not pets but this final abuse cuts me to the quick. I had hoped they would end their lives at least locally, and quickly. Thank you for all you did for them. I can only dream that some day there will be a better world.

  15. Why do they have to be fattened in Italy?

    1. my thought exactly - why add the torture of travel to a certain fate!