Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bravery never goes out of style.

Miss Sophie is taking enforced idleness as well as can be expected. In other words badly. A quart of enthusiasm poured into a cage the size of a pint pot. Highlight of her day - tee shirt changing time. She struts around , head held high, showing it off as if she's on the catwalk . Her tee shirt is now changed three times a day.

Bob spends a large part of his morning ( that part not involved with chasing blackbirds, barking at the post woman, visiting the bakers or being walked round the village ) on the floor of the kitchen guarding his sister.  He seems to have decided that his sisters done something seriously wrong. At other times he thinks maybe it's his fault she's locked up. Encouragement is administered. In the afternoon he either plays ball with the young workman or touch rugby with Angus. His energy levels seem boundless.

Tuesday nights Village Committee Meeting . Seems the Old Farmer and his cohort of helpers fired up the kiln and then went of for a liquid lunch. The liquid lunch proved to be of the '' well, only one more glass " variety. By the time lunch was over temperatures inside the kiln had soared. From what ' the font ' understood  ( the conversation was somewhat animated ) the bricks at the base of the kiln have fused together and are now unstable. What were cracks have turned into deep fissures. The chairman of the Village Fleuri Committee calls the Chairman of the Beautiful Byeways Committee an idiot. This ( or perhaps the qualifying adjective ) was not well received.


  1. It had to happen. "The Angel Wears Prada." Sending lots of love, from the
    Westcoast of Canada, to your resident fashionista. And to her faithful groupie - BOB.

  2. She looks very cute in her t-shirt. I suppose the complaining is a very good sign that all is well. Poor old Bob must be confused, bless his nose.

    I am getting the feeling that the kiln is just not meant to be.

    Have a great day.

  3. Yes, we have to agree with the comment above. Sophie does look cute in her tee shirt.

    But we are distinctly concerned about the kiln.

    Gail and Bertie (now on the train heading south..)

  4. I love the idea of 'Puppy wears Prada' and she does look cute. Maybe you'll get Karl Lagerfeld on the phone asking her to model a few Chanel Ts.
    Angus, will you be watching Andy Murray later ? Think he's got a great chance this year.

  5. I'm so glad Sophie's surgery went well, and she's recovering uneventfully. But I would say that it's hard to tell which one is not so well received, Sophie having to get used to her confinement or the "qualifying adjective" given to the Chairman of the Beautiful Byeways Committee.

  6. OMD that liquid lunch got them well oiled...ha ha. We hope Sophie is recovering well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. As soon as I saw Sophie strutting her teeshirt look (very vogue I must add), I was immediately taken back to the song "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts! I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan." (by Right Said Fred). Wow, she has pulled that look off with a model's finesse.
    That poor kiln is suffering at the hands of "experts", whatever will become of it at this rate?
    We have a few professions here that have "liquid lunches" as that term Angus, hope you don't mind but I'll be incorporating it into my vocab.
    Give both Sophie and Bob a head pat from Brownie and have a great day.

  8. The Southern French version of "Don Camillo and Peppone" of all your local dramas - with all the JRTerriers jumping out of the village hall...
    Adorable puppies and dog parents - T-shirts 3 times a day - sea-bass every hour??? Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Kiri

  9. Miss Sophie looks so darn cute in her t-shirt. It really shows how much she has grown. Bob has a rude awakening when his turn come to be snipped, something tells me she will be taunting him mercilessly!
    Karen & Kelly Rathje
    (Beautiful Bettendorf Iowa)

  10. Ahhh brotherly love. Sophie looks great in her outfit. She's bringing back the 80's look. She's already got the spiky hair.

  11. Sophie makes that T-shirt look positively divine, though I think she needs a little bling.
    Adore the photo of Bob on guard in the kitchen by "the Prisoner".
    Angus and Bob should make a very very wide circuit of that dangerous-looking kiln; liquid lunches and high heat do not mix.

  12. why can't they simply leave that poor kiln alone to retire in peace? good grief. they need a new toy.

    such an adorable devoted pair. and sophie working that tiny t-shirt parisienne style! you go girl!
    i hope she's allowed to be her active self soon! xoxo little girl.

  13. It is a long time since I've snorted with laughter. I got all the way through the post to the last line smiling. The last line and the qualifying adjective were slipped in so quietly. To my husbands horror / annoyance I snorted out loud. Love Anne and the Girls in Charlotte.

  14. Sophie looks very fetching in her t-shirt !!
    I wonder if she'll miss it when she has to go without.........

  15. As i was scrolling down those first three photos my " awwws" got louder. I don't know, I feel the tshirt needs a little sumthin sumthin, a kohinoor diamond and some tulle maybe. ..

    I do hope the cohorts (I'm going to call them, lovingly, the village drunks) know to leave the kiln alone now. Wouldn't want another liquid lunch to stoke up their bravado as it most certainly doesn't sound like the kiln should be stoked up ever again

  16. Love those first two pictures, Mlle Sophie with the knot sticking up off her rump, so soigné.

  17. That t-shirt is very clever looking! The picture of Bob waiting for Sophie is priceless. You can almost hear him saying "come on Sophie, let's go!"

    Shame about the kiln...what's another round anyway? :)

  18. We knew we we in for trouble when we heard the words kiln and liquid lunch used in the same sentence.
    So glad that our Sophie's recovery is progressing well.
    Poor Bob, little does he know that it's his turn next.

  19. Aww, poor Sophie! Hopefully she'll be loose again to play soon!

    I can imagine that meeting was quite spirited indeed!