Monday, July 29, 2013

When you show the moon to a child , it sees only your finger.

Holiday season. The local restaurant unveils its ' menu touristique '.  They're offering Lamprey a la Bordelaise. An unusual addition to any menu . It's said Henry I loved Lamprey's so much he died after eating too many of them.

Bob and Sophie in fine form. Their mornings spent organizing the household. Their afternoons spent dozing in the shade . Late evenings spent under the garden dining table hoping that  someone will drop a plate of food. Continued amazement over the unruly antics of their enlarged flock.

On the front page of the local newspaper a story about a kangaroo that escaped from its enclosure and roamed round a neighbouring village . It took the fire brigade an hour to recapture it. The early morning baguette buyers ' happily entertained ' by the unusual sight. 

The excitement of summertime life in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. I hope the kangaroo enjoyed his brief taste of freedom!

    Lovely first picture of that puppy.

    Have a great Monday.


  2. Kangaroos don't belong in cages....

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  3. Even though I adore fish meunière, there is no way I would try the lamprey eel-like way, just no way.
    Bob looks so happy marching along with his tail held high in the air in the second photo.
    Angus, are those tiles 12x12 terra cotta? I love the simple design.
    Continue to have fun with the flock.

  4. Quite - beware a surfeit of lampreys.

  5. You can keep the lamprey. uugh

    I expect the fire brigade had to say 'bonjour' to everyone before they got going on the capture.

  6. Great posing by Bob in photo number two today.

  7. Um, somehow, I don't find myself disappointed to be missing the tourist menu...

  8. Maybe they got the idea to add Lamrey to the menu because of the Queen's jubilee. She received and, from what was published, intended to eat a pie made of the them. The pies are a traditional gift from a particular town to the monarch on coronation and jubilees. Perhaps your local restaurants are attempting to get ahead of the culinary curve.
    Delightful photo of Bob!

  9. It would add to the festivities at the kiln event if a kangaroo hopped on by. Great photo of Bob.

  10. After what happened the last time Edward and Apple saw a deer, I shudder to think what would ensue if they spied a loose kangaroo.
    Enjoy the enlarged flock!

  11. Glad the kangraoo was safely caught and had a better outcome than Ichabod the Emu here in Az earlier this summer. It was very, very sad to see that poor bird running around on the news (it was filmed, everything is filmed in the US) and later hear the statement from his owner. Ichabod was over thirty years old, escaped from his home and suffered heat exhaustion and died after being chased around while people attempted to capture him. He and another emu had been with the same very distraught owner for many years.

    Hope the kangaroo doesn't live alone, and has space to run (hop)? around.

    Bob looks very proud of himself in that first photo, that is definitely an "I'm an International Internet Senstation" gait he has going on there!

  12. Ha, hopes that someone drops a plate of food. Enough said. Ours do the same. Keeps one feet very cosy under tables.

    Lampreys? I'll pass....just look what happened to Henry 1!!!