Thursday, November 21, 2013

A pessimist, confronted with two bad choices , chooses both.

At last the rain stops and the sun comes out. A day for working in the garden . Angus plants a rose hedge. The PON duo dig . 

Sophie trots over, her tail waving like an overzealous metronome and leads me to a hole under the oak trees. Its as deep as she is tall. Least I be in any doubt as to who is responsible she then clambers in and starts expanding her recently excavated handiwork.

Bob sits watching us from the other side of the box hedge. That all to familiar '' should you be doing that Sophie ? " look. A closer examination of Bobs face tells me he may not be entirely innocent.


  1. Such helpful lil angels! would love to have both of them around when i am gardening.

  2. Hilarous!
    The pictures from this post would make an excellent calendar, or comic book.
    These two could be your fortune in the making, If you can't make something from the film rights you could always hire them out to local gardeners. A hole like that is perfect for planting a rose bush or plum tree.
    Mind you, I would probably have put it somewhere else........

  3. We love your dirty face! You pups are just too darn adorable!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. That's an impressive hole......all in a morning's work.
    Angus, how about marking the spot (with a buried bone/toy) where you want the holes dug for the new rose bushes and letting Sophie have a go at'd be finished in no time.

    1. Good idea but I fear Sophie is a free spirited girl and will dig where she wants to.

  5. i am laughing too hard to say anything. these pictures are unbelievable. like mug shots!
    all i can say is . . . never forget . . . and make the mistake of walking on your lawn in the dark. ankle breakers await!

  6. Is there a need in you small community for a new excavation partnership. Sophie can run the machinery and Bob can supervise and help out when necessary! The dynamic duo, might as well profit from their expertise!

  7. Those are the most lovable muddy faces. Another bath to follow?

  8. Are you sure they don't have a bit of terrier in them? All that digging seems more terrier like than sheepdog traits.

  9. A closer examination! Hahaha!

    The photo of Bob behind the hedge should become a painting.

  10. Brazen it out, Bob. Purely circumstantial.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  11. Yay Angus you are back blogging with two new fur babies! So looking forward to catching up on your doggy tales :) Sue x x x