Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.

Wet and blustery. The first of the winters Atlantic fronts bringing wave after wave of heavy rain.  Bob and Sophie seem oblivious to the storm. Perfect PON weather for digging , for charging round in search of fallen branches or for chasing errant squirrels. 

'The font' is less than keen on having two energetic, dripping,  mud balls traipsing through the house in search of adventure . They're finally bribed into settling down in the kitchen. Synchronised heads following every movement.  Their first taste of cauliflower cheese. Both bowls licked dish washer clean . Bob does a soft shoe shuffle of delight. His '' I has died and gone to heaven " routine.

In the afternoon we go for an hours walk along the old roman road in the valley. It's pouring. Achiltibuie weather but warmer. 'The font', Angus and two enthusiastic PON's sauntering along line abreast. The cheerful farmers wife stops her little Peugeot and asks if we're alright. Clearly, as far as the French are concerned only the certifiably insane or foreigners would go out for a walk in this weather.


  1. I think the PONs would enjoy some of the walks near Achilitibuie. Stac Pollaidh perhaps? (Which Hamish once happily climbed but had to be carried down)

  2. In this weather they'd be more likely to be found with their master in the bar at the Inver Lodge.

  3. What a lovely picture you paint there! I went for a brisk stroll up to pay the dentist yesterday - it wasn't raining much, but I seemed to get very wet. The receptionist did give me a "why are you walking in this weather?!" kind of look!

  4. So you see Sophie, cauliflower cheese much nicer than dubious hot dogs.
    If there's a song about mad dogs and English men going out in the mid day sun shouldn't there also be one about Scottish/Swedish and Polish dogs going out in the pouring rain ?
    Actually that's a real international mix, do you think the PONs consider themselves Polish, French, Scottish or Swedish?

    1. I would say that they're stubborn which must make them Swedish. There again perhaps I'd better stick to saying they're Polish.

  5. I take it that the cheerful farmers wife doesn't know that walking dogs in the pouring rain on a cold afternoon is one of the 'joys' of owning them.

  6. Perfect PON weather. Merlin was practically doing a dance of delight in the rain this morning!

  7. With their wonderful double coat, it's lovely weather for PONs.
    It appears that the ticking on Sophie's coat is becoming more
    prominent. They're quite a pair.

  8. OK so another word (place) I have to look up!

    Y'all have a wonderful life, I'm so glad you share.

  9. I know about those synchronised head movements watching my every move in the kitchen while I prepared lunch back in the days when I had six dogs. It was very cute.
    Cauliflower cheese...what a delight. Angus you describe Bob's antics perfectly.