Sunday, November 3, 2013

You live and let live. And eventually that becomes enough.

Texas godson has limitless energy and boundless patience. This is a perfect combination for dealing with two ten month old PON's. While Angus covers the swimming pool cover with a gauze net, Bob and Sophie exhaust themselves playing non-stop catch. Full marks to the Texan.

Off to the local market town . Angus finds a parking spot. As he reverses in a woman emerges from the vehicle in front , knocks on the window and tells him to be careful . '' My cars my joy " she says with a vehemence bordering on insanity. She then stands and watches to make sure the little Skoda doesn't 'kiss' her bumpers. The Skoda may not be a joy riders vehicle of choice but in the transportation stakes it surely beats a fifteen year old Peugeot van with frosted side windows. Satisfied her 'joy' hasn't been violated the woman wanders off down the street talking to herself. From time to time she turns around and glares.

Texan godson in need of a mid-morning snack. The local restaurants goats cheese and cheddar burger an irresistible lure. On the way home, having carefully avoided the decrepit Peugeot, a chance to ask him what it was like.  '' Once tried never forgotten ". 


  1. I don't like to quibble too much, but the description of the final burger "Trois fromages" seems to be a misnomer: cheddar (une), chevre (deux), camembert (trois), roquefort (quatre). Just sayin'...

  2. I noticed the same. Quatre fromages surely? Or is it that in France, cheddar does not count as cheese.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS How is the Yeti doing these days? (Am looking into options for a new, small but dog-friendly car).

  3. Texan godson must be family to the Font....."Once tried, never forgotten" sounds just like a comment from the Font.
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  4. I wonder what the lady in the van would have done if Bob had been there to christen the tires?

    Texans really do know their burgers!

  5. I, too, am puzzled by the (mis)counting of les fromages. Texas godson's description, however, is quite memorable. Should I encounter a chevre-and-cheddar burger, I'll know to give it a miss.