Saturday, November 30, 2013

O for a life of sensations rather than of thoughts.

It's the rose hedge again. Bob the dog doesn't even wait until I've got my back turned before embarking on a programme of garden improvements. He bounds across the lawn, uproots a rose and comes wandering back, head high, rose between his jaws, before the words '' Bob ! No ! " have barely been uttered. 'The font' thinks there must be something alluringly organic in the potting compost. Fishmeal perhaps ?

The Rickety Old Farmhouse has many chimneys.  After much cajoling Angus finally gets round to dealing with the howling gales that blow down the flues into the guest bedrooms. He's ordered from London a marvellous product called a chimney balloon. You blow it up, wedge it into the chimney and hey presto the draughts are kept firmly in check. A simple and effective process. " Continue until the Balloon is gently firm, like prodding your thigh " say the instructions with a degree of eloquence unusual for such a humdrum product. 


  1. Does it specify whether Tour de France cyclist thighs or couch potato thighs?

  2. Gail summed up our thoughts exactly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Hope it explosions in the middle of the night or anything.

  3. I need to get me some of those!

    I think you may have to relocate to a beach..I wonder if Bob would have chosen this career path if he hadn't seen Sophie so happy in her work?


  4. or . . . it may make for an unusual whistling sound when the air finds its way in little places the balloon isn't. bound to be a crevice or two.
    could make for some interesting ghostly sounds! a pleasant distraction for the puppies from their gardening!!! LOLOL.
    as always.
    a delight here.

  5. Hilarious! Even if the chimney balloon doesn't work, it's been good for a laugh.
    Tammy is right about the ghostly sounds. They'll fit perfectly with the mysterious odours .

  6. I hope it doesn't burst in the chimney - it could cause a heck of a din.
    Maybe the time has come to give up on the roses until the little angels are bigger and have forgotten all about how much fun they are.

  7. Please be sure to let us know how the balloons work and don't light and fires!
    Karen & Kelly Rathje

  8. You can always buy flowers in the spring!

  9. You know you made me prod my thigh to see how taut it is....I'm sure others here did too!!
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the chimney balloons work for the ROF. I had never heard of this product before....what will they think of next????

  10. Hope the chimney balloons work and you don't have gales that pull them out or puncture them. Don't let the PONs know of their existence - Bob may switch from roses....

  11. Well hmmmmpfff. I'm a little offended that the writer would assume (correctly, but that is beside the point) that my thigh is anything less than taut as a drum!

    Very glad to read that the balloon is safe should a fire accidently be lit. Wonder what that smells like.

    Bob the dig! Ha! Not Bob the Pon.