Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Do not weep; do not wax indignant. Understand.

The mornings thick fog is soon replaced by a constant, unrelenting, downpour. What started off as the wettest year on record is going out the same way. A day for any sane person to stay inside. Bob and Sophie have different ideas. They wander into the office and sit staring at me . That old canine thought control trick : '' I don't want to say anything but it's a beautiful outside ".

The water isn't trickling down the hill ; it's flowing down in sheets. Its collected in the valley and turned the path into a swamp. Two thirds water, one third mud. Bob sinks up to his chin in a puddle. He clambers out and then leaps back in. He makes a strange strangulated squeal of delight. Sophie joins him. Angus walks on. The demonic duo remain firmly rooted in their wonderful, joyous, life affirming game. Their very own PON Waterworld. After half an hour they get bored and we head back home. To add texture to his coat Bob detours across a freshly ploughed field. The prefect place to roll on your back.

'The font' takes one look at them and utters one word. ''Frightful".   

It's a four towel drying down and mopping up job. 

Those little routines, too inconsequential for a diary, that mark out a dog owners day.



  1. Angus, you obviously have higher standards than I do when it comes to diary entries. (I wonder how many of us bloggers and long time journal keepers - I suspect quite a few).
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. I read the title, saw the photos, and bent my head in complete understanding. OMDog! They had fun, didn't they?

  3. I can hear the squeals of delight from way over here.....what fun that must have been for them both.....and then home to be washed and dried......who could ask for a more perfect "frightful" day??

  4. I have sometimes wondered whether they should be renamed Polish Lowland Water Dogs.
    They look as if they had a lovely time.

  5. We have the opposite to roll in...dust. The yard has been very dry this month and a couple of our favorite places are dust bowls, perfect for rolling about, squirming the lovely dust deep in our furs. SHE is not best pleased and the wash tub has been left out as a visual reminder that wheaten Scottie's coated in dark grey dust are not to be allowed in the house until the dust is removed. Sometime multiple refills are required to remove the grime. Stacks of old towels are washed daily. We persist. Sometimes the Mr. doesn't notice.

  6. With the looks of those muddy PONs I think 'the Font' was very restrained and you are very lucky she only said "Frightful"

  7. You're a brave man, out there in the elements with a pair of fearless PONs! By the looks on their faces, they saw nothing wrong with the weather at all!

  8. This reminds me of the quote by Warren Zevon..."enjoy every sandwich". They know how to take the best out of life.