Saturday, November 2, 2013

There is no such thing in life as an unimportant day.

A godson arrives from Texas. Half an hour or so of stand aloof uncertainty bordering on froideur and then Bob and Sophie fully accept him as one of their own. He is soon immersed in the PON routine. This goes along the lines of :

First light : "What do you mean it's only six thirty ? Let's play "
Breakfast : '' You won't be wanting that yoghurt ? ".
After breakfast : '' You look like you could do with a walk ".
Lunch : '' My ! That looks delicious ".
Quick nap
Post nap : '' Let's all storm around while you throw the ball for us  "
Dinner : '' We're orphan dogs and have never tasted food "
After dinner : '' Fancy a game of catch ? ".

In between they manage to find time to stand at the gate and bark at some rain drenched pilgrims .They stay up way past their bed times misbehaving but their batteries are miraculously fully recharged this morning.


  1. Perfect routine. Has Sophie regained those lost kilos yet?

  2. Sounds like godson is going to have a packed schedule...who can resist those two???

    1. At 6.30 am on a Saturday that very question was asked .

  3. Obviously the godson did not come to the Rickety Old FarmHouse to rest.

  4. So relieved that Sophie is well, again. Thank you for sharing your life with these Pon puppies with all of us.

  5. Thank goodness! Someone new to herd!

  6. Ah, youth! Off we could only bottle it!

  7. I have a feeling that Bob and Sophie will lure many visitors to your house over the years. I know that I couldn't resist them!